Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekly 20 Beauties!!

Awesome blogs throughout!!!

Nate Skate
Tokyo Banana
Alaykss Book
Wallace Klakenwski
Julien Bizat
Visual Phooey
Pascal Valdes
Rafa Toro
George Kap
Gary Keroglyan
Daniel Strijleva
Paolo Armitano
Denis Medri Artworks
Sara Pichelli
Brandon Scott
Sushi Xav
Last Travel Art
Paques Man


EL GRANDE said...

These blogs are so amazing. Thanks for sharing.


C.B. Canga said...

nice list of blogs here. i'll be sure to check them out.

Packo’s art and tattoo Studio said...

hy Thanks for sharing all diz blogs.....

Nigel Li said...

Thanks for taking the time to link these blogs. very inspirational.

Jason Miskimins said...

awesome links! where do you find all of these?

Unknown said...

Ehh! Muy interesante tu selección. Seguiré viéndote. Un saludo.

IamOSI said...

woohoo! more awesome links! thanks for sharing bro.

Chris Bivins said...

Really cool blogs. Always a pleasure to find new sites to visit.


Julkillo said...

Good artists at this blogs,very good work John.Thanks

. said...

Coll blog's man!!

Anonymous said...

...but visit this blog:
the first "democraticomics" on the read,create the continuation and, after voting the story continues...
only in italian :-(


Tooninator said...

thanks for sharing these links!!

Greg said...

Fantastic links as always. So inspiring.

Juampa said...

Thanks Again John!!

Your blog is allways a references for us!!!

Javi García said...


Thanks for sharing this links, great artists all of them.

BEN said...

uao!these blogs are amazing..some authors are so young!!
great list!!

PQ! said...

Hi John, your blog is amazing, take a look on my blog, maybe you will enjoy my stuff...cheers

jose Elgueta said...

very inpirated


robi pena said...

Amazing blogs!!

Daniel Teran said...

THANKS for sharing the blogs, by the way, im kinda new in this forums, im from Mexico and i do character desing aswell, chek out my blog if you can:

and this is my new website too for more works:

hope you like it!

Jennifer Llewellyn said...

Awesome Bunch once again! Thanks for sharing!

bog_art said...

There is a lot of talent around the world.. that makes me keep working harder.. thanks!!..

Tatevik Avakyan said...

Great stuff! Thank you for sharing these wonderful blogs.

Dani said...

Humble thanks for including me among great artists!


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