Thursday, March 06, 2008

More Blogs to ooh and aah ...

Damn these guys are good!

Roberto Pena
Matias Hyde
JL Drawings
Pedro Nunez
Gurney Journey
Pedro Sanchez
Casa Munuera
Criminal Mastermind
Art Oja
Mike Lee
Thomas Cardone
Rodolfo Damaggio
Mian Situ Fine Art
Russian Masters
Crooked Eye


Currobot said...

Thanks for the link

robi pena said...

Thank you John!! I have aded you to my blogroll!! Your work is amazing and your style is beautiful!! Thank you my friend!

Bryan Wynia said...

This is great you post these. Thanks for sharing these finds with everyone.

Paco said...

Wow. Fantastic blogs. Once again, thanks for sharing! Your blog is great John!

Walauweee said...

Awesome! I enjoy looking at the links that you put on ur blog!
Can't wait to see more of ur drawings too

Craig Mackay said...

Can't thank you enough for continually spreading the love!

Juampa said...

Thanks for sharing one more time, John!!


Lots of Pedro's out there....

Great links here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post, I ´ve known some of great artists with this

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