Monday, July 23, 2007

Comic-Con 2007 Update

Wow, I finally did it! "Bits & Pieces, Vol. 3" will be available at The Con. This will be the last ashcan book I do and I plan to do a bigger book in color next time with alot more stuff (more layouts then characters, we'll see). As mentioned before, I'll be sharing a booth with my buddyextraordinaire Jose Lopez. Definitely check out these awesome folks at the Con:

Patrick Morgan - Booth H8
Stuart Ng Books - Booth 5113
Stephen Silver - Booth H6
David Colman - Booth H5
On Friday, see Armand Serrano and Marcelo Vignali and pail Lasaine at Sony booths 4137 & 4419
The Labyrinth Bookstore - Booth E9
One Sick Individual - Booth D6
Red Tango - Booth 5107
Entertainment Art Academy - Booth 537
Alberto Ruiz - Booth H3
Louie del Carmen & Octavio Rodriguez - Booth G7
Bobby Chiu & Kei Acedera - Booth A5
Javier Guzman & Bob Rissetto - Booth F5
Bruno Werneck - F7
Kelsey Mann - F3
Loter, Inc. - Booth 4600
Hard Eight Comics - Booth 1034
Kristen Lester & Griselda Sastrawanita - Booth E10
Josh Parpan & Justin Parpan - Booth F2
I Will Destroy You (Tom Neely) - Booth 1533
Broadview Graphics (Robh Ruppel) - Booth 5463
Chris Sanders - Booth 2146
Ted Mathot, Derek Thompson & Eville Press - Booth 1534
Kevin Barber & Robin Mitchell - Booth E9
Pascal Campion & Michael Daley - Booth H11
Rik Maki (Digital Or Not) - Booth 4923
VanEatonGallery - Booth 501
Vin Teng & Anthony Vu - Booth G2
Justin Ridge, Dik Pose & et. al - Booth 1035
Donnachada Daly - Booth 831
Robert Valley - Booth HH-07
Deanna Marsigliese - Booth E9
Joe Bluhm - Booth 5507
Jason Peltz - Booth E9
Aimee Steinberger - Booth G9
Robert Valley - Booth HH-07
See Jakob Jensen at Stuart Ng's (Time and day TBA)
Ryan Batcheller - Booth 4714
Scott Morse - Booth 4800

Hope to see as many of you as possible. See you there!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007


Ah, another year has gone by and Comic-Con is finally here!!!! I'll be there with my fellow boothers Jose Lopez and Patrick Morgan in Artists Alley at Booth H9. I hope to have my third sketchbook ready, "Bits & Pieces, Vol. 3" by then. We'll see. Hope to see you all there. So, are you going?

Monday, July 02, 2007

Whaleboy Toy Launch & Art Show

I'm happy to announce that on Thursday, July 5th at pm there will be a toy launch and art show for Whaleboy at MUNKY KING TOYS in Hollywood, California.

My buds and creators Patrick Morgan, Ed Acosta and Taesoo Kim will premiere a limited edition "Goth" version of their creation. There will also be a small gallery section featuring various artists including Justin Ridge, Jose Lopez, Bobby Chiu and others. Here are the details:

7308 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, California 90046
(323) 938-0091
7 - 11 pm

Come on down and join the festivities.