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EAA Workshop with Denise Fuller

My buddy and ubertalented artist Denise Fuller will be hosting a workshop titled "Understanding the Layout Process: 2D & 3D" this Sunday, December 3 at the Entertainment Art Academy Entertainment Art Academy from 11 AM-2PM. She's been a layout artist, development and Concept designer for Feature Films and Video Games. Her work is just amazing!!!!

She doesn't have a blog yet, but with further encouragement, and a bit of prodding, I think she'll get one going. Go Denise!!!!


Yeah, it's been awhile, but needed to share more awesome artists who are blogging away. Get inspired at these talented folks!!

Jeff Agala
Krista Huot
Aaron Hammersley
WhiteHall Studios
Flouis Marie
Fabian Lacey
Ghost First
Todd Art Blog
400 Lb Ninja
Blue Submarine 821
Edwin Rosell
Art Center Slave
Michael Relth
Caffeine Artist
Victoria Ying
Pascal Campion
Schroeder Art
Helder Upside Down
Katy Hargrove
InkBrush N Me
Juampa Dalton
Daniel Sulleiman
GH Graphics
Marco Bucci
Les Coulisses De La Baraque
Roland Mechael
Kurt Klockau

Gerry Melendez My buddy from UCSB (Great photographer!!)

Thomas Fluharty
Die Bilderwumme
Sebastian Kruger (Yes, that Sebastian Kruger, and he's got a blog!!)
Hobo Divine
Aaron Horvath

And more to come....