Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Inspiration - Gang Peng

So glad to know that my friend Gang Peng started a blog. Beautiful work!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

TENG Inspiration

Below you'll notice 4 posts of some truly amazing work for Disney's "The Emperor's New Groove". Included in this set are the works of Paul Felix, Loic Rastout, Robh Ruppel, and Kevin Nelson respectively. These artists are some of the best in the biz!! The Groove is probably one of my favorite movies, both for story and for beautiful production design. For those who want to study great art direction and styling, check out this movie. And if you don't have it, I strongly suggest buying the Special Edition. It's packed with alot of visual development, including a great gallery filled with character designs, concepts, layouts and much more)!!

Inspiration TENG: Paul Felix

Yep, these are some mouth-dropping beauties! Love the scope and detail of these sketches. Paul is just damn good!!!

Inspiration TENG: Loic Rastout

Simply beautiful. Wish Loic had a blog!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Inspiration TENG: Robh Ruppel

Ah, the amazingly, uber-talented Robh Ruppel. Robh's truly amazing and inspirational. He recently art directed "Meet the Robinsons" and he's posted some of the film's artwork at his blog at Broadview Graphics. Also check out his website.
(All images on this post copyright Disney)

Inspiration TENG: Kevin Nelson

Probably one of the best designers I've come across is Kevin Nelson. I really love his work. His drawings are so fluid, at times very simple, yet they're strong compositinally and really convey a sense of whimsy. I wish he had a blog or website, but for now the only place to see these and more are on the Special Edition DVD of "The Emperor's New Groove". Kevin's also done visual design work for "Fantasia 2000", and most recently, "Meet the Robinsons". Beautiful, beautiful work!
(All images on this post copyright Disney)