Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Andy Gaskill - The Goofy Movie

For those who haven't seen it, definitely check out the Goofy Movie! It's well done, nicely animated and has great artwork! These are early story moments conceived by the amazing Andy Gaskill.  He's a prolific Art Director, Production Designer and workbook artist. I love how loose and energetic his sketches are, and even more so how he can get a feeling of story and mood into his pieces!


Unknown said...

19I love the Goofey Movie. Probably one of the most under appreciated Disney movies.

Alex K said...

Perfect timing, I watched this movie last night. These drawings are amazing, for sure worth studying. :D

Cameron Thompson said...

Wow these are great. Thanks for sharing these!

caricature lafontaine said...

Your sketches are fantastic! Bravo!

rohan baikar said...

This looks awesome !!!

Unknown said...

Wow! Lovely work! I myself am an aspiring visual development artist. There is a lot still to learn and I am glad to have come across your blog.

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