Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some Friday Lovin'...

Some amazingly beautiful blogs!

Ravi Gulhane
Deepak Kumar
Sean Mullen
Sumeet Surve
Amitu Padhyay 76
Toad Stones
Ronald Searle
Flipbook & Stuff
Martin Berquist
Green Socks Art
Alex Cote
Shawn Colbeck
Trevor Spencer
Marceline Mars
Sandeep Design
Leighton Hickman
Stef Sketches
Vi Dieu
Kambodia Hotel
Radford Sechrist
Jefford Art
Quick Hide Here
El Federico
Alan Bodner
Santino Maldito
Son of Erek
Romney Caswell
Mar Cohen


Brandon said...

Coming from an artist of your caliber this is a huge compliment! Thanks John.

Saskia said...

Thanks for all the links, discoverd lots of new awesome people :)

Nima said...

thanks to you ,I discovered fabulous artists!!!

Sumeet Surve said...

Hey John, thanks for posting this up. You just made my day!!

Yati said...

Among all those inspirations means a lot John,Thanks for the linkup :)

Danny Araya said...

awesome, I always look forward to these!

Julkillo said...

Amazing artists at this relation of blogs,thanks Mr Nevarez

Deepak kumar said...

Thanks for visiting my blog,its a great thing for gave me a new energy to work forward.

Bradley Cayford said...

A lot of really sick artist links. Tight. Gave me a bit of inspiration to paint a lot more. Good job, mr. Nevarez

Sean Mullen said...

Hi John,

Many thanks for posting a link to my blog, it's greatly appreciated.

All the best,


Carolina said...

Thanks for share!! They´re GREAT!

Unknown said...

These links EAT UP MY TIME!!! haha but thanks for sharing them-so much goodsauce here on this blog!


Sean said...

I love these lists of blogs you put out. so much talent out there....amazing.

Say said...

Thank you so much for awesome info.
I really appreciate it.
:) Have a blessed day.

Marcos Cohen said...

john Thanks for putting a link to my blog! It's a great compliment coming from an amazing artist like you.

Frank Forte said...

great references man!!!

Jparked said...

thanks for sharing John!

Cale Atkinson said...

Thanks for posting all these Links John!!
I can always count on your blog overflowing with inspiration when I need a hit!!

Keep up all the great work!

Sandeep Menon said...

Hi John

Thank you for including my blog.
I really appreciate it!


Naveen Selvanathan said...

Hi john! This is Naveen. Tim's friend. I have been following you for so long and I love it! I really appreciate what you are doing here. Its a shame I couldn't relate it when I met you.

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ravigulhane said...

Hi John,

Many thanks for posting a link to my blog, it's greatly appreciated.
and its a great thing for me.

Fernando Forero said...

Thanks a lot for all the featured artist, you got a incredible eye and talent.....