Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Mas Paul Felix y que ...

Yeah, just freakin' beautiful!!!!

BTW, all images on this post copyright Disney


Gulzar said...

These are wonderful sir! beautiful rendering...

Its always a cherish to see new posts from you.

Warm regards

asiak said...

Truly inspiring!

Do you happen to know his tools/materials?

I would guess a very soft pencil, and the paper sometimes looks like vellum?

Moai said...

Ho-lee crap, those are beautiful drawings. Absolutely beautiful. Every single line, every tone of value, every object is wonderfully designed. Oh, man. This guy's my new hero.

Sam Nielson said...

Geez, how did he get this good? I feel like I could draw my whole life and only scratch the surface of the elegance his designs have. . .

Mio said...

wow... these are amazing! this guy's awesome! very inspiring. Thanks John!

Justin Rodrigues said...

i love paul felix and you for posting his drawings.

pbcbstudios said...

dude.... i wish you could see what he's donig right now....

Noel said...


Matt Schuler said...

I've said it quite a few times to friends and online to a few people, but Paul Felix needs an art book!!!
His work is amazing and thanks a ton for posting this.
On a side note, I was a bit saddened that I did not have a chance to meet you at San Diego. I stopped by the booth when I went to talk to Patrick but you were away from your table.
Maybe next time?

Sung Jin said...

Hey man!

Don't know if you remember me, but I finally got to meet you at Comicon (Sunday i think) and I was totally stoked!
I bought your new book and a sketch from you.

Just saying hi and awesome stuff!

Erik D. Martin said...

Haha we had those lilo and stitch drawings scanned for our project at Disney almost a year ago. we spent almost 400.00 bucks to our project to scan 15 images.

Disney archives (research library, they get ticked if you call them archives) is a funny place indeed!

RAWLS said...

Who doesn't love Mr. Felix!?! So good.

Olivier aubin said...

Amazing work!


Unknown said...

Amazing stuff - He's got a really great way of describing space.

Hans said...

Yeah he's amazing!

Great to finally meet you at the comic-con and thanks for the sketch books. I'm gonna have to make a trip up to SF soon.

Have a great weekend!


. said...

Wonderful! :))

Don Coker said...

Excellent work, John!!

Desiree said...

Wow!... these are... just brilliant! :)

Owen Williams said...

Inspiring stuff, thanks for uploading these :)

anime2000 said...

dats all I can say. I'm totally speechless.
Blown away by amazement.

sebastian meyer said...

WOWzaa! Just everything!

Unknown said...

Truly beautiful work!

christof said...

oh my gosh! these are georgous! bookmarked you rightaway!

Anonymous said...

Pero por supuesto, si es que están totalmente alucinantes!!!
All really inspiring, man
Thanks for share!

C.B. Canga said...

thanks for sharing john. these are great.

.Matthæus said...


David Campbell said...

These are so cool... John, can you tell Paul to hurry up and start a blog?! I'm sure everyone here would be happy to petition him ;o)

Anonymous said...

John u sure really great and patient in getting all these stuff together i would have to pick them right away...

Thanks for that.

Naton wide cash is easy and fast

Foom Spectacular said...

Beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

Great to see these again. Paul is a genius.
Thanks for posting John.
Best wishes,
Colin Stimpson.

hirek said...

Great layouts

milind said...

wow!these are brilliant,refreshing to visit your blog everytime something of my great inspirations.

Marco Bucci said...

maaaan Paul Felix needs a book.

The Gross Uncle said...

amazing...really amazing!

Eugenio Herrera said...

Wow!! Hello Mr. John, this is, for sure, my first of many, many more visits here, I like very much your drawings and artwork, So fresh, impressive and funny, very inspirational style! I saw your blog for a while and I enjoyed everything I have seen, please, with humility I invite you to check my blog and give me your comment, whatever this, sincerely, I appreciate it a lot!

Thanks and cheers!


Felipe Domingos said...

amaaaaazing work!


I really love your work.very inspiring.I'd love to learn how do you come across creating a great art like yours. If you have a chance ,please check it out and leave a comment telling me what you think.

C.Deboda said...

Can't get enough of Felix's stuff! Also btw, you going to that CTN-X expo?

Dadasaheb sutar said...

Lovely work!Thanks for sharing !

Gillian Comerford said...

Wow,wow,wow,wa,wow,wow. These are beautiful.
And another wow, for good measure...WOW!!!

lostinarc said...

Wonderful ....nice rendering....:) thanks for posting all these for us....

Art of Aria said...

Lovely work

juan m. moreno said...


Nima said...

I love your works,thank you, i will follow regulary this blog!

Marcos Mateu said...

Fenomenal art! you certainly have a great and truly informative blog. Cool stuff

Braden Matt said...

Beautiful work. That's all that needs to be said.

Vin Teng said...

These are amazing John.

mickael brunet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karina Gazizova said...

no words to describe.... 8)))))

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