Sunday, June 14, 2009

Buy This Book!!!!!

I want to give a huge shout out and a plug for my good friend Mark McDonnell who recently published an awesome book titled,"The Art and Feel of Making It Real: Gesture Drawing for the Animation and Entertainment Industry.". It's loaded with amazing drawings and sketches. Mark's ability to capture the essence of the pose and personality of the figure is incredible. He's also an awesome visdev artist and truly one of thee nicest guys in the biz!

The book is available at his store and at Stuart Ng's.

Great job Mark!!!


Marcelo Vignali said...

I have to agree, this is one of the best books on sketching for our industry that you can buy today. No personal library would be complete without it.

John Nevarez said...

Here, here!!! Great job Mark!!!!

Kim Gadbois said...

hooooo! I want it! tanks for the info!

Rodney Dollah said...

Hi John,

Sorry to get off the subject of this thread but I had placed an order with you for your sketchbook Bits & Pieces and had paid through Paypal. I still have not received the book and tried a few times to contact you with out any luck. If you could get back to me about this, this would be great.


John Nevarez said...

Rodney, I'm so sorry about that!! I'm going to contact you through your email.

Anonymous said...

I gotta it!!! Incredible . . . I actually was amazed the text was so in depth, I was in it just for the 8 million drawin's.


C.B. Canga said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
C.B. Canga said...

will do. thanks for keeping us in the KNOW as always

Carsten Mell said...

Gotta have this one, definitely... Thanks for the hint!

Unknown said...

book looks awesome! thanks for the heads up about it

Manoj a menon said...

Dear John,

You've always been an inspiration for countless years,eversince ive started my journey in the world of animation and art.
Currently 've been working hard to prepare my portfolio for pixar.
Im from India,which in itself states that i get very little mentoring on how to prepare one.
would really like to get an advice from you as to how you would do if you would have to send one.
Its going to help me a lot for sure.

sorry for bothering you but i would be obliged to get an answer sir.

would you mind looking at my work?
just one or two..any comments would be like heaven.
thank you

Mark McDonnell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Mark McDonnell said...

Thanks for posting this link John. And I would be more than happy to sign each copy and do a personal sketch for anyone who purchases a copy to show my gratitude. It's a 208 page whopper of a book and a mere 2 years in the making!

For some additional images, please see:

All my best,


. said...

Cool art :)

abhishek singh said...

a great book on studying life drawing and more :)
ur blog is a great resource for amazing links and introduction to artists around blog, thanks for sharing and digging these out.
n i'm a fan of ur work :)

Damion009 said...

everything you have on here is awesome!!!

Art Fan Ako said...

Sounds good... Nice sketches here.

Kristian said...

I am looking forward to purchasing this. I've been a great fan of his blog. SO it will be ace to have all that knowledge in one volume.
John this is a great blog by the way.
I'm a massive admirer

Tyson Murphy said...

i must buy. i will buy.

Adam Temple said...

Done. Your site is an absolute resource John!

Anonymous said...

Your stuff is so fluid and very expressive, very inspiring.

O-Ren said...

true pro

Simon Scales said...

Hey John

thanks for sharing!!

Sanjinez said...

hey. i love your art.
God bless you

RoB said...

This looks awesome!

Michael Mercer said...

There goes my lunch money. Thanks...I guess...


I am a fan of ur work. I've been a great fan of his blog.

Felipe Domingos said...

I'm fan of your work, you're on my favorites now, no doubt! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Every one has said it however i would love to say it again GREAT JOB MARK...!!!!! Keep it up..

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Anonymous said...


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