Thursday, June 05, 2008

Who is Rocket Johnson?

I''m excited to announce that a new anthology book will be available at this year's ComicCon .

"Who is Rocket Johnson?" is a 72 page graphic novel anthology being self-published by Walt Disney Animation Studio's Story Artists and Directors. It's an all-ages book in which every artist answers the question: "Who is Rocket Johnson?"
It will be sold exclusively at booth 2302 in San Diego and is a limited edition of 1,000 copies.

Artists contributing stories:
Steve Anderson
John Musker
Dean Wellins
Mike Gabriel
Kevin Deters
Paul Briggs
Tom Ellery
Sam Levine
Nathan Greno
Don Hall
Mark Kennedy
Aurian Redson
Daniel Chong
Tron Mai
Lawrence Gong
Joe Mateo
Michael LaBash
Chris Ure
Bruce Morris
Mark Walton

Featuring pin-ups by:
Glen Keane
ChenYi Chang
Byron Howard
Arthur Adams

Cover painted by:
Paul Felix

I'm sure these will sell out by Friday, so plan to be there early.


C.B. Canga said...

nice! looking forward to seeing it in person

Anonymous said...

Looks great, Paul Felix sure can draw, nice to see some color work...

Dan Yu said...

man i really want a copy! too bad i can't make it to the con. is there any other way i could get it?
and also, i would love to see more of your art work on your blog!

Chris Bivins said...

I cant wait to see these amazing artist collected in one book. San Diego here I come!


Urban Barbarian said...

Looks awesome!

Unknown said...

Ooooo... this looks hot!

Anonymous said...

oustanding great collage!!

Unknown said...

I want a copy too :(
atm the cover is amazing¡¡

Luis Gadea said...

seems great!

Paulo Crumbim said...

that must be great book! and thank you for citing my blog on your list