Sunday, May 04, 2008

Tasty links!!

Hadi Tabasi
Auto Destruct Digital
Untamed Universe
Jackson Dryden
Balkan Dude
Elephant Art
Seth Engstrom
24 Hour Emergency
Pavement Mouse
Frasier Olivier
Grigory Lozinsky
Sebastian Barreiro
Franco Spagnolo
Fondos y Arte
Matias Perez
Ricardo Fernandez
Fondos de Sebastian Barriero
Gary Locke
Il Maestro Claudio Acciari


Unknown said...

John, I don't know where you find these people. But thank you for posting these, and keep them coming

Jarrett said...

Thanks for the links, John.

DARAF said...

Thanks for all of the inspirational links. When do we get to see more of your work as well? Take care,

Bryst said...

great links!!

Juampa said...

Thnx again John!!!

Dan szilagyi said...

I'm with animation giant John, its amazing how many people you find and take the time to post on here

big congrats to you!

looking forward to seeing your own posts soon!


Giselle Gonzalez said...

wow these links are awesome!

Simon Scales said...

super links John....thanks mate

רואי אבני said...

Frasier Olivier said...

thank's John to have put my blog in your links, it is a honour for me.

Unknown said...

great links, dude
really inspirational stuff

Anonymous said...

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