Monday, May 22, 2006

The Inspirational and Uber-talented Sam Michlap

I'm oh so happy to announce that my buddy and colleague Sam Michlap has a blog!

Sam has been in the industry for about 20 years and he is by far one of the most amazing and talented guys you ever want to meet. He's a designer, painter, Art Director, Production Designer and cabinet maker extraordinaire! He's honest, direct, passionate, and above all has the greatest heart! I'm just plain damn lucky to work and know him.. He's made me a better artist cuz he keeps me reaching higher and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you Sam!!! And now you all can see what I've seen all along, the amazing and beautiful work he produces. Okay Sam, when's that book coming out!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

great looking work all around! Those pen sketches of the cowboys are awesome.

Andre Barnwell said...

VERY NICE! Very nice of you as always blessinother artist with your resources and other great artist. He is uber-talented.

Anonymous said...

John, This is a fantastic intro!!! You are the best my man, I am blown away by your art as usual. Thanks for linking my page here as well. I love the community of artist out there.
Thanks again,

Hans said...

Wow, that IS awesome! Seems like he's a pretty well rounded artist. Character designs, environments and everything, yup guys like that makes you better. Just like you've inspired tons of people here on the blogs:) Thank god for great artists!

Thanks for sharing,


Scott Tolleson said...

Um yeah, BEAUTIFUL work John. Very inspiring!

Oriol said...

I like the bus.
the colors.and the girl:)

Scott Wright said...

Love your blog. Great stuff. Love all your characters`

Miras said...

John, thanks for sharing; both your works, and those talented guys you know.
Love your works.

Cale Atkinson said...

Alright John I think there is just way too much talent between the 2 of you to be in close proximity of each other! Thanks alot for posting the link to the great art!
Keep up gorgeous work!

Franchu said...


Fantastic, very your draws, you're a genius!!!

Dan Segarra said...

Phenominal! Your sketches are so lively!

Lee said...

these are fanctastic

Jeff Agala said...

wow this studd is amazing

Anonymous said...


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