Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Monday Highs ...

Another list of amazing work!

Olivier Adam
Luc Desmarchelier
Maize Kid
John T. Quinn III
Ms. Stef Choi
July Films
Wicked Bad Ass Studios
Walleyes World
Kambodia Hotel
Reyes y Poetas
Beuville Tribute Page (Inspirational!)
Javier Olivares
Tropical Toxic
Miguel Robledo
Perico Rodriguez
Cristian Bernardini
David Sourwine
Lissa BT
Rob Bursey
Animation Blogspot (Check it out!)
Michael Dedrick
The Amazing Martin Wittig
The Genius of Donnachada Daly
The Ever Delightful Eliot Cowan
The Awesome Mr. David Colman (Check out his New Book!)


Rob Bursey said...

WOW! thank-you very much for listing me today!

miguel robledo said...

thanks for the link
Mrs. Nervaez!


tomsaville said...

Woo hoo! My Google Reader art section is fat and happy...I thank you! :)

Joshua said...

Excellent links, again! So many great artists out there...

Sam Nielson said...

Thanks for posting these great links! Always glad to expand my link library.

Gillian said...

y'know I should know better than to check your blog when im at work... now I'll be tempted to be totally unproductive >,>
keep em coming

doonboy said...

Love these weekly lists and sure am honored that you included my Sketchpaints blog this week ;) and just so you know what kind of clout you have....I got about 150 extra viewers on the day you posted the list!

rusty miller said...

hey, im new to this whole blog thing, but im thankful for you posting all these great artist. it helps me get more acquainted.

i also wouldnt mind if you post more of your stuff as well.

keep it up.


Jennifer Pollack said...

Wow I havent Been here in a while becuase work has me pretty busy I spent 4 hrs looking at sites from here yesterday! Now I have to go back and try and comment on them!! Thanks again for allt he brillant links and art work you share!!


Anonymous said...

Link Heaven! thank you!

Eric Vanic said...

can you add me plz plz plz!

Lewis said...

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