Friday, February 16, 2007

Blogs O'Plenty ... Que wow!!!

Yeah, more awesome blogs from around the world. Here is a very LONG list (was holding back for awhile). Enjoy!!

Paco Caballero
Stolle Art
Art of J Wood
Studio Flint
Rusting Miller
How to Make Plum Sauce
PickTHall Sketches
Celia Calle
Ben Mauro
Freever Sketch
Nicolas Arts
Doug Blot
Jessica Plummer
Israel Sanchez
Michael Halford
Anthony Ermio
Cebox Pad
M Posis
Go Do Fredox
Jamie MacD
Richard Vanderwende
Art of Branislav Perkovic
Doodle Vision
Pat Boutin
Capitulo Treinta y Tres
Andrew and David
Scott C
Mermuse Sketchbook
Cooked Art
Cesare Asaro
Docos Art
Evs Place
Estuviste Cerca
Eric Vanic
EJ Roy
R Parpan
Francis Vallejo
Bedford Falls Sentinel
Sketch Blaargh
De Tripas
Minus Back
Alex Pelayo
Tavolo Di Sordinato
Touch Skies Chronicles
Kelvin Nguyen
Ron Velasco
Pasquale Venanzio
BlackWing Sketch
Flip Studios
Der Bloggy
Cristiano Spadavedlia
Rich Tuzon
Mike Boldt
Mookau 13
Kai the Samurai
CP Luv
Verns Cartoons
Brigette B
En Worrel
Leo Matsuda
Adrian Molina

And I'll be postin' some art next week. And on a personal note, want to give my brother and sister, Steve and Pauline a big congratulation on the birth of my new nephew, Santiago. My niece Xochitl now as a lil bro to guide and teach. Love you guys so much! Ahh, life is good!!!! Have a great weekend.


Juampa said...

Thnx a lot John!!!! You are great!!!

Piotr said...

wow what a collection yet again john! thanks for collecting these, so fantastic!

martin wittig said...

John, It is always a treat to visit your blog! Thanks for all of the great links, and for including me:)--You are too kind!

rusty miller said...

i dont know what to say, every time i visit i am blown away with outstanding art, great lists, and and generally humble atmosphere. i also cannot thank you enough for listing me!

you are too kind indeed!

Cooked Art said...

Thanks a lot for the plug John!

Love the inspiring links and your inspiring work.

Keep it coming!

Sandra Khoo said...

WOW! Great links! Thanx so much for sharing them. Gonna take a while to go through all of them tho,but it's gonna be worth it.


Augusto said...

John, you are like the grand central station of art blog links man. I'm always here to check your stuff and others too...thanks for helping me not get my work done! jokes of course. I appreciate your blog tonnes. Cheers!

boutain... said...

on the top? ... i feel funny inside... i can't imagine how much time you spend finding all those blogs every week or so, but it is surely very helpfull and appreciated... keep it up john!

Skiatch said...

Thanks for posting my blog in this list. And thanx for your work searching artistblogs and listing them. It´s always very inspiring looking at other artists work, including yours. Thanks a lot, and keep on rockin´!!!

Francis Vallejo said...

Wow, Thanks for the add John. I just was watching your DVD from Enterartacad (hope I spelled that right) and now i see my name on the list! Your stuff always is a great inspiration! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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