Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Early Wednesday Lovin' ...

Figure every Monday AM I'll try and post some inspiring artists. Enjoy.

Marcos GP
Robot Legion
Lorraine Leber
Artistade 1408
Jackson Dryden
Mikael Bourgouin
Burdick Lyon
Sketchbook Chronicles
Chris Wahl Art
Rodrigo Lujan
Fred Cline (Great Art Director!)
Francis Glebas
JP Balmet
Jens Holdener
Coyote Saskia
Andy Gonsalves
Mike Oviedo
The Monkey King
Francois Ravard
Marceline Tanguay
Thorsten Hasenkamm
Spot Illustration
Grigory Lozinsky
Jack Robot
Jarrett Young
Puro Sculpture
Casa Munuera
Jako Lobo
Deliriumm Tremens
Lucas Gonzaga
Paper Walker
Andy Chung


Aaron Paetz said...

Thanks for posting all these great links! Great community building! I love the cowboy sketch below!

Fran├žois said...

Thanks for the link John! That's nice... and I love the cowboy sketch too!

Marcos Gp said...

Gracias John

Saskia said...

uhm wow O-o I would have never thought thta i woulfd be listed between all of these great artists...Thank you so much ;_; That is such an honour for me :)

Jenny said...

Wow! Great links as always! Thanks!

MBKKR said...

Thanx again for these great links.
Some nice ones up there!!

Gillian said...

thanks for posting the links! I'll be checking them out on my lunch break ^^

Joshua said...

These links are incredible. Can't... stop... 'till I've... seen them... all. Own drawing time... dwindling...

Kanokadafi said...

Thanx for showing me some love on this road call, lol. I still look at your bits and pieces book you gave me back in sdcc 05.

Jackson said...

Thanks John for linking me! Your work is such an inspiriation. It's very cool that you take the time to find artists out there. All of these links are fantastic.

martin wittig said...

Thanks for the list! Awesome talent all around:)

Michael Dooney said...

you're a bad man, a very bad man. I just lost an hour out of my work schedule looking at all of these blogs;)
I've got some new bookmarks out of it, thanks!

Rob Bursey said...

wow several of my class mates! thanks for this and the other peeps too!