Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Trick or Treat


Mau said...

Tus ilustraciones son excelentes!
Muchos saludos desde Encino!


Patrick Morgan said...

F%$#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are killing me! I love it alllllllll!!!!!
Let's grab lunch soon, my man. I hope you are well.


UM said...

Love the little kid top left! Fabulous designs.

Eren said...

These are fantastic! Great characters! I like mouse boy...hehee =)

Blammo said...

These sketches make me feel the same way I do everytime I see Charlie Brown in "the Great Pumpkin Patch" or "Witches night out"!
Great stuff!


Alina Chau said...

Woooooo .... the little kid is going to be in trouble!! LOL Is the monster going to attack him?

Anonymous said...

I have no words to praise you. Thank you!

David Colman said...

I am a fan of mouse boy..... you are doing cute so well....which is usually the most difficult..

check out my blog man... I finally added you to my links..


Doug said...

Hey, great work! I have just found you recently. You may have already explained this, but I was wondering how these are done. Are these sketches that are scanned and colored with Photoshop?
... they look great!

Pechteca said...

I had a ansomniac night and decided to look you up.This is great f*&^ing stuff!!You make me proud bro.Keep it up.Love ya & Mexica Tiahui.

John Nevarez said...


My brother, thanks for checking me out! When are you going to get a blog? Like I've always told you, you're a diamond in the rough just waiting to burst. Mexica Tiahui! Love you bro!!!! Give Xochitl y Pauline a kiss from me.

Adrian said...

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