Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mas Spooky


Mark McDonnell said...



Joe Henderson said...

These are great designs John.

Mark McDonnell said...

I am definately drawn to these pieces more. It seems cute and evil are an exceptable means, other than just plain evil. Seems to be okay to combine the two, whereas just evil is, well evil. Hope you're doing okay buddy.


Newsquirt said...

boo! man those are sweet designs! Coolness

Alina Chau said...

These are soooo awesome!

Jason C said...

HA!.. great variety of shpes here john.. They're awesome.. cutely creepy..

Steve Musgrave said...

I like these a lot. Very cool. Cute and scary all at the same time.

Thomas Perkins said...

YAY Spooky Stuffs! You ROCK Mr Nevarez! As ever, you are an inspiration and a goad to us all.

Thomas Perkins

Michael said...

wowza! super cool work John!

Steam Crow Press said...

Sweet and scary Halloweenies. Great stuff.

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