Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Robo 9000

It slices and dices, chops and mops, and catches bad guys with little to no mess.


Smook said...

This last batch of sketches have been great John! Fantastic! Mouse boy looks like he's got some attiude! Beautiful sketches as always! The little kid in this drawing looks like he as another agenda with the robot!

Blammo said...

Everytime I fall in love with your style and work you switch it up and do something even better!
Fantastic stuff Mr. Nevarez!
Simply Fantastic!

Gerry Melendez said...

Came across this today. Great work my friend. And to think I knew you when you were just a Nexite at SB. Anyway, beautiful work. drop me a line sometime and I'll get you up to date with my life. take care.

Gerry Melendez

Alina Chau said...

Love the robot, the boy is sooooo wicked!

donnachada said...

All these last sketches are fantastic, John. they're all bursting with energy. Love 'em all.

Howard Shum said...

Nice drawing, John. Let me know if you still want to trade books.

greg said...

All this and knee surgery!

I save your site for last as it has worked its way to the top of my favorite bookmarks.

Might I ask a question about process? I assume you are just using pencil on regular bond? Then coloring digitally or are you using marker and colored pencil then scanning and adding additional color digitally?

take care.

jastolfo said...

Unbelievable John! Truly inspiring!
Would love to know your influences.

REE said...

Still working the magic, huh?

Hey, do you still do stuff on newsprint?

and, just HOW old are those figure drawings? :)

Kmann said...

Great site John! I love it. It's about time you get your stuff out there too! And thanks for checking out my blog. It encourages me to keep it going. Keep up the great work and take it easy on that knee!

Gulzar Junaid said...

Here we are again seeing n gasping for more of your works!
The latest ones are really good...esp those robots...sir! I wanted to know something about animation from you, may I mail you? (but dont have your mail id).
I'm too into classical animation...would love to hear n grow...esp from your experience and knowledge...
thank you for giving us the inspiration!

Joel said...

Inspiring John.

Drazen said...

every kid definetly needs one.

PaulSketch said...

The little boy is so mischievous and the robot is awesome!

opi said...

very nice drawings.....i like very much the story board at the botom...very strong...

Pusha V said...

Lol. Nice one!!!!

Gerald said...

That kid reminds me of a mischievous purple crayon kid.

Man, I'd love to own that remote control for that nifty robot!

Hadibi said...

Agh, cool! I love the expression!

Jeff Hayes said...

John, This is great stuff -- thanks for sharing!

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