Friday, October 19, 2012

Sounds of Shirts

UPDATE: Hi folks, thank you so much for all your comments and suggestions!  Yes, we're having trouble with the video portions of our blog but hopefully we will resolve that real soon.  And yes, we, my wife and I will be at CTNx, I selling my latest sketchbook and my wife selling her shirts.  I'll have further information on a later post.  Again, thank you all so much for the love and support!!

I'm excited to announce the opening of "Sounds of Shirts".  It's a store created by my wife Erin Filoteo which features T-shirts (designed by me) with keen graphics and have sound pockets attached to the sleeve. Push the button and you get a ghoulish laugh to go with your cool T!  Right now there are three shirts available for Halloween but soon we will have more Ts available for other seasonal events.  Drop by and let us know what you think (comments can be added here on my blog or way down on the bottom of the page on the storeblog)! Happy shopping!


Jeff Maka Merghart said...

Very cool!Havin trouble with my Quik-Time so I can't hear the audio :p But they look cool! Love the giggling ghost!

John Nevarez said...

Hi Jeff,
Thanks so much! Yeah, trying to get the Quicktime to work. Hopefully we'll get it fixed this weekend.

Mimi Cortazar said...

cool kid :)

Charles Eubanks said...

Love the shirts! I think the problem with the audio is that you're trying to host it on your Dropbox folder. If I follow that link directly (without the Quicktime plug-in), I get a 403 error from Dropbox. So I think you just need to host it somewhere else.

Benoit Therriault said...

Very nice! :D Will your wife be selling these at CTN this year?

lostinarc said... gesture..

Peter said...

love the shirt. are they available on-line?

Toddington Setter said...

Absolutely love your style sir.

Jeremy Bock said...

John, after all these years I still really dig your stuff! Fantastic artwork!

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Catrina Rodgers said...

Undoubtedly your work is truly a masterpiece!

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