Thursday, October 18, 2012

Curiosities Show at Gallery Nucleus

If your in the LA area or plan to be this weekend, definitely check out the Curiosities Show at Gallery Nucleus.  Curiosities is the work of the talented husband and wife team of Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying, Both are visual development artists working at Dreamworks and Disney respectively.  This books is a personal project they recently showcased successfully through Kickstarter. It tells the tale of a brother and sister who inherit an old, mysterious mansion and all of the odd relics that are housed within,

The show is this weekend is a celebration of the book's release and is full of great art from alot of tatented folks:
Alina Chau
Andrew Edward Harkness
Bonnie Liu
Brigette Barrager
Colin Jack
Kristin Tercek
Dan Krall
Danni Shinya Luo
Daron Nefcy
Drake Brodahl
Elsa Chang
Eric Diaz
Fawn Veerasunthorn
Grace Lee
Griselda Sastrawinata
Gwynne Simmons
Helen Chen
Jackie Huang
Jared Andrew Schorr
Jenny Lerew
Jeremy Costello
Joey Chou
Josie Portillo
Josie Trinidad - IMDb
Junyi Wu
Kenard Pak
Leo Matsuda
Liana Hee
Mab Graves
Meg Hunt
Michelle Romo
Miyuki Oekaki
Natalie Hall
Neysa Bové
Oliver Akuin
Patrick Awa
Paul Tsui
Perry Dixon Maple
Seb Mesnard
Sherwin Abesamis
Tang Kheng Heng
Wilson Swain

Looking forward to having the book when it's done!!!!