Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Ah! It's summertime! Get your flops and suntan lotions packed, let's go to the beach.  This song always gets me ready!


Sandra Brandstätter said...

In one and a half hours summertime will start. But right now it is pretty rainy here in Berlin.
I also wanted to say thanks for posting my blog link. It`s an honor. :)

Enjoy the warm season!

Gary Locke said...

nice call on the Satriani summertime!!! i got up this morning ready for a 30mile bike ride that is on my training schedule-9 am----and it is RAINING in the ozarks! who'd a thunk it!? back to the studio...sketching and checking out all these inspiring artiist i've never heard of till YOU post about them! keep up the sharing John.