Monday, June 25, 2012

ComicCon 2012

Comic-Con is just days away!  My last aschcan sketchbook "Bit's and Pieces 5" is ready to go!  Also available, I'll have my buddy Armand Baltazar's book and prints available for sale.  He'll be sitting in and signing books for all who come by.   I'll be in Booth H9 along with the amazingly talented Jose Lopez, and budextraordinaires Patrick MorganEd Acosta & Taesoo Kim at Booth H10. Also nearby are my buds Mark McDonnell at booth I-05, Stephen Silver at booth H-06 and David Colman at booth H05 ! Also can't forgot my boys Octavio Rodriguez and Louie del Carmen, both at Booth G04!

Definitely check out these awesome folks at the Con:
CTN(Creative Talent Network) - Both 5022
Stuart Ng Books - Booths 5012
PecknPaw - Booth 4819
Martin Hsu - Booth G2
Mike Daley - Booth H7
Vin Teng - Booth G3
One Sick Individual - Booth D06
Red Tango - Booth 4201
Bobby Chiu & Kei Acedera - Booth G06 & G07
Javier Guzman - Booth F04
Loter, Inc. - Booth 4012
Hard Eight Comics - Booth 1034
Chris Sanders - Booth 4921
Pascal Campion & Michael Daley - Booth G3
VanEatonGallery - Booth 501 & 605
Deanna Marsigliese - Booth E9
Aimee Steinberger - Booth G9
Scott Morse - Booth 4800
Bobby Rubio-at 1943
Jamie Baker-at 1329
Rhode Montijo-at 1329
JMike Mignola-at 4901
Jeff Smith-at 2109
Jim Mahfood-at booth EE05
Sam Hiti & La Luz Comics at Booth 1831
Conduct Happiness - Booth 5022 or 4830
Joe Vriens will be at the UDON Entertainment and CAPCOM tables
Donnachada Daly and Scott Wright at Booth E4

See you there!


Jeff Maka Merghart said...

I can't wait to see all you guys at SDCC!! Especially can't wait to see your new book!!

John Nevarez said...

Forget my book, where's yours? Your work is so beautiful!!!! See you at the 'Con!

Mike Yamada said...

You always know its getting close to convention time when the list shows up on your blog. ps. I'm going to be at booth n-02 with my Wife Victoria Ying. We'd appreciate it if you added us to your list.

Victor Preto said...

Awesome sketch!
and cool links!

Billy George said...

love your blog John! Hope you had fun at the Con!

Brett Bean said...

John, awesome to see you and my wall is now awesome. Thanks buddy. Hope vacation was good.

Mark Montague said...

Excellent drawing and great links.

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