Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Peck n Paw and the Black Mirror

A group of visual developments artists at Disney Feature Animation have joined their talents to create PecknPaw, the third installment of anthologies from the Burbank studio. The book includes work from:
Bill Schwab
Daniel Arriaga
David Wormersley
Doug Rogers
Justin Cram
JD Turley
James Finch
Kevin Nelson
Lorelay Bove
Mac George
Mike Gabriel
Paul Felix
Raffaello Vecchione
Scott Watanabe
Shiyoon Kim
Victoria Ying

with addition Pinups by:
Bill Perkins
Brittney Lee
Claire Keane
Jim Finn
Jin Kim

They will be at ComicCon at Booth 4819. Outside of the 'Con, the book is available thru Gallery Nucleus and some artists will be doing a book signing on August 7th at 7pm.

Definitely check them out!!!


elji said...

Wow! I love your works you're a master.

Best wishes :)

Megan Nicole Dong said...

I'm very excited about this! All of the images I've seen so far are just gorgegous.

Jeremy said...

Wow.... extraordinary! Brilliant work!

Juan Bauty said...

Looks simply amazing!!

Andy Mac said...

Looks like someone from youtube went through your inspirational music list and reported half of them :(

Fantastic work by the way :)

Deny Setiawan said...

nice.. thank for all the inspiration links.. it's very usefull

Marcos Mateu said...

Amazing stuff! thanks for posting these

Theodore said...

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