Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Weberson Santiago
Roger Luan
Capitaine Dub
Hermann Mejia
Ghostbot "the Esurance" folks
Andy Updates
Nash Dunnigan
Lace Worx
Heidi smith
Cooked Art
Chris Hooten
Saki Teriyaki
Santino Maldito
HK Mosh
Andrew and David
Blood and Whisky
Mermuse Sketchbook
Ana Zeppelin
V2 Films
Blake Lemons
Specimen Sheet
Ron Velasco
Grant Alexander
Miguel Robledo
Chris Reccardi
DK Sheldon
Jean Claphen
Eugenia Nobati
Greg Tocchini
Uakari Monkey
Rich Tuzon
Nic's Sketchbook
Kelvin Nguyen


Cooked Art said...

Thanks for linking me yet again John!

Your own work can definitely be filed under the title of this post.

Great meeting you at comic-con. Hope we get to meet again someday soon!

bsleven said...

It was great to meet you at comic con.
Your work it truly beautiful!

: )

Sethdr said...

Great links! There is so much talent out there.

Brian Growe said...

Hey John, that sketch I got from you was so worth it! Thanks so much and I look forward to meeting you again!

Tevik Avakyan said...

Thanks for posting all of these links. Its great to see so many talented artists.

Mokuu said...

Ill be staying too for the next sketchbook you release, im still enjoying the first two and the dvds, amazing work man. Are you going to participate in another DVD ?

Mark Stroud said...

There's some great stuff in those links, Thanx for putting them up.

Craig Mackay said...

You rock!

RoB said...

I can't wait for your next sketch book. Your a great inspiration both as an artist and person. It was awesome meeting you can Comic Con!


BEN said...

great links as always!!
Great blog, thanks for sharing!!!
I love your art, your work is so inspiring!!


Weberson Santiago said...

Hello John.
Thanks for linking me.
It is an honor for me.

I placed its to banner of link back in blog: .

Sorry my bad english.

Take care!

Weberson Santiago

Dave said...

This is awesome - I love these posts, thanks!

k' said...

Yeah John! you're blog is my
talent search engine, thanks a lot!

Oliver Akuin said...

hi John! Thanks for linking me! your work is truly amazing. You rule!

Joshua James said...

Great meeting you at the con! Love the sketchbook!


Sam Nielson said...

Thank you again for all the wonderful links!

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