Monday, July 23, 2007

Comic-Con 2007 Update

Wow, I finally did it! "Bits & Pieces, Vol. 3" will be available at The Con. This will be the last ashcan book I do and I plan to do a bigger book in color next time with alot more stuff (more layouts then characters, we'll see). As mentioned before, I'll be sharing a booth with my buddyextraordinaire Jose Lopez. Definitely check out these awesome folks at the Con:

Patrick Morgan - Booth H8
Stuart Ng Books - Booth 5113
Stephen Silver - Booth H6
David Colman - Booth H5
On Friday, see Armand Serrano and Marcelo Vignali and pail Lasaine at Sony booths 4137 & 4419
The Labyrinth Bookstore - Booth E9
One Sick Individual - Booth D6
Red Tango - Booth 5107
Entertainment Art Academy - Booth 537
Alberto Ruiz - Booth H3
Louie del Carmen & Octavio Rodriguez - Booth G7
Bobby Chiu & Kei Acedera - Booth A5
Javier Guzman & Bob Rissetto - Booth F5
Bruno Werneck - F7
Kelsey Mann - F3
Loter, Inc. - Booth 4600
Hard Eight Comics - Booth 1034
Kristen Lester & Griselda Sastrawanita - Booth E10
Josh Parpan & Justin Parpan - Booth F2
I Will Destroy You (Tom Neely) - Booth 1533
Broadview Graphics (Robh Ruppel) - Booth 5463
Chris Sanders - Booth 2146
Ted Mathot, Derek Thompson & Eville Press - Booth 1534
Kevin Barber & Robin Mitchell - Booth E9
Pascal Campion & Michael Daley - Booth H11
Rik Maki (Digital Or Not) - Booth 4923
VanEatonGallery - Booth 501
Vin Teng & Anthony Vu - Booth G2
Justin Ridge, Dik Pose & et. al - Booth 1035
Donnachada Daly - Booth 831
Robert Valley - Booth HH-07
Deanna Marsigliese - Booth E9
Joe Bluhm - Booth 5507
Jason Peltz - Booth E9
Aimee Steinberger - Booth G9
Robert Valley - Booth HH-07
See Jakob Jensen at Stuart Ng's (Time and day TBA)
Ryan Batcheller - Booth 4714
Scott Morse - Booth 4800

Hope to see as many of you as possible. See you there!!!


adam hannick said...

Hi. I've been a fan of your stuff for awhile now and i was wondering if this book will be available at House of Secrets like the last 2? I don't know if you know Paul & Eric or if they've picked your books up at the con before and thats how they got them. Anywho, I definitely want one, but unfortunately can't make it to the con.

Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

John, thanks so much for the Hard 8 shout-out! Looking very forward to seeing you at ‘Con, sir! All the best!

Dave said...

Looks really nice! Good luck at the con!

Jav said...

Gonna have to add this one to my collection... man i cant wait for the hardcover color one! Bet its gonna be the shits...
Thanks for the love John! Definitely see ya there!

Kevin Barber said...

Very gracious of you to list me and others John. I love your work and want to add volume 3 to my 1 and 2 collection. See ya in SD.

flaviano said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I've just submitted my order for bits and pieces 1 & 2 one week i have to do another order and wait another month :(

but it's a good news!

Armand Serrano said...

Thanks, John. All the best on your book.

Garrett Shikuma said...

Thanks for the Hard 8 plug, John! Can't wait to see ya there!!!

cdeboda said...

Thanks for all these updates, John. It'll make finding things a little bit easier.

Allen said...

I can't make it to the con either, but I am a big fan of your blog. I also like the way you recommend other blogs to look at, I have gotten a lot of favorites from your list. Hope that you have a chance to look at my blog too. I haven't been bloging long but please take a look anyways and tell me what you think. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated. Good luck at the con!

insert name here said...

Nice to finally meet you at the 'Con!
Great books.

RoB said...

Hey John!~

It was great to meet you at the Comic Con! I am so inspired by all three of your books that I bought! Amazing books!!!


Chris said...

You are definitely one of the nicest people I met in San Diego (if not "the" nicest). Humble and encouraging, you impress me as an artist and as a person. Always a fan, -Chris

FerdinandKreozot said...

I keep on comming back, and you keep on inspiring me.
I wish I could have been at the con.
Cheers to your work,

Kind regards,


bsleven said...


It was absolutely wonderful to meet you at Comic Con.

Thank you so much for the nice note you wrote my friend Noel in the book I picked up for him.

Your work is truly beautiful, and amazing.
Thank you so much again.


Beth S.

Cedric said...

A color book would be fantastic! I'll definitely buy a copy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the booth mention, John..I *barely* had time to do any shopping at all...I think of all the wonderful things I can't peruse cuz I gotta work the booth...but Sean brought back some copies of your sketchbooks so I can peek at those at least!!! Hope you had a great show.


Joe_O said...

Nice to see you at the Con, John. Are you thinking of collecting your sketchbooks into a hardbound book? I'd totally buy that.

ggsoulsister said...

Thanks for remembering me. I appreciate that. Thank you for your comments on my portfolio at the Comic Con.

I was hoping to make a book of my art and wondering how do I go about that.

Josh Parpan said...

Hey John, thanks so much for including us on your list! I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you in San Diego, but I did get a hold of one of your amazing books at Stuart Ng's!
I hope you had a great show this

TURCIOS said...


Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Thanks for drawing the awesome cat in the sketchbook I picked up at Comicon from ya. It's fantastic!

Angeewhoa said...

hey i love your work, i bought your dvd last years comic con and learned a lot of cool tricks, cheers!

Bobby Chiu said...

We had a wonderful time at the con and really enjoyed your book John! Love all your Bits & Pieces!

Dave James said...


Great seeing you at the con. Your stuff is great.

See you next year.


boob said...

The con is over! whew! It was a fun time for sure. Thanks for the link by the way - just wish we had our books in time *sigh* The printer called me Tuesday to say they're all done...yay?

But since I was free from the table, I was able to get around more this year. And that's the fun of it really - meeting and talking to all the artists.

I hope we can keep this rolling and see ya again next year!


Simon said...

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