Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mas Eye Candy...

Y otro mas artistos increibles...(Some more damn amazing talented folk)

Paper Ammo
Tyree Dillihay
The Smoking Pencil
Randy Bantog
The Wild Kat
Jessica Huang
Anders Lazaret
Mark Montague
Wouter Tulp
Jasib Seiler
Mathieu Reynes
Martin Cote
Frasier Jewel
The Feeb
Liquid Stone
Toby Cypress
Criminal Master Mind


Cade said...

Thanks John. I added your blog to the ArtDojo blended feed. I will go through these links and see if anything catches my eye. I'm kind of picky.

Keep up the awesome sketches too.

Anders said...

Hey man, thanks for the ad!!! ^^
I like what you do, if you don't mind, I link you up on my blog!!
thangs again John

Sting said...

Your work is amazing... love the style and the force of you drawing.

Marcelo Braga said...

Man... Where do you get so much nice links? Besides being a very talented illustrator, you find time to spread the blog-word too. Great Blog! Thanks a lot!

salman said...

Hey there,great blog,love the links and the work you post,just wish you post more of your sketches :)

UrbanBarbarian said...

Your pics are always top notch. Thanks for the inspiration!

13toon's said...

you are just amazing. i am a big fan of yours man and the styles of design you come up gets better and better. if you have time check out my blog and can't wait for your book to be finish, bye 4 now.


sebhary said...

Thanks for posting all those blogs!

REE said...

man, i look up and got like 300 hits in one day and i'm wondering, "where the hell is this coming from??"...then, whaddyaknow, my very own mentor/teacher, John Nevarez gives me another shout-out.

Thanks alot, brother...for everything...the lessons still ring true.

arash tirgari said...

Hey John

Nice selection of links and art as usual. How is the family dude?

Drop a line when you got the chance.


Carlos V. said...

Love the links! Love your work! Great blog.

Dean said...

John, thanks for all these links you continue to put up. Its enough inspiration to check out one of your sketches every now and then, but leading people towards other great artists is a beautiful thing.


Mark Montague said...

Thanks for that. It means alot coming from such a talent artist as yourself.

jon swolsky said...

really great site over here, i am an animation student and made myself a blog as well.
, but i can't get feedback, because i can't reach the environment guys. Hope you could help me.
do you mind putting my link on your site?


thx anyway

p.s keep upgrading this site, its really great

swolfs jonas