Sunday, December 10, 2006

Link 'Em Up ....CapUm!!

Skottie Young (check out his upcoming sketchbook!!!!)
Night Into Dreams
Joshua Middleton
Ingrid Liman
Gout Wort
Chris Carman
Rafa Dante
Arthur DePins
Dodecaden (Great Production Design and Layouts)
The Funkship
Kieran Yanner
Shiera Aryev
Bob MacNeil
Mike Mac
Peter Maynez
Jonas Wolfsky
Brent Gordon
Jon Suzuki


Mokuu said...

Dear John,

I just recieved bits and pieces and i have to say, they are kick ass! Yet knowing you know alot on perspective and scenes i have a trick question for you.

How do you handle creating a jungle/forest scene keeping the perspective and composition right?
Ive seen it done yet i dont understand how they can keep organic trees and still make it look right.

Anyhow thanks alot for Bits and pieces!

Hans said...

Thanks for the link sharing John. Tons of great inspiration:)


Marcelo said...

some links to the library! As always. Cheers!

Joe said...

Thanks for all the great links.

CCarman said...

thanks for the link john.

Charles said...

Great links-- thanks for sharing the inspiration!!!
Your work here is amazing as well!!!

Gillian said...

ah crud! I should no better than to come here while I'm at work... I have no will power and must look at all the pretty sites T_T

peter maynez said...

Thanks for the shout-out John.
pete maynez

Absolom said...

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