Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Simply awesome . . .

Erwin's Art
Revolution by Night
Sway Red
Angelo Libutti
Color of Moments
Bill's Art
Pernod with Water
David Ryan Paul
Shawn Scott
Walter Gatus
The Blog of Kells
Paper Waffels
Nate Wragg
Les Souris
Chris Applehans

and of course more to come later on ...


Robin Hall said...

Thanks so much, John! And not for linking me, but for putting these other great artists up. We'd all have a harder time discovering them if it wasn't for you. So, really, thanks!

Hope to see some more of your studies and art, soon :)


Goro said...

thnx for sharing! I love to check your link lists. Always awesome art to find

Mattias said...

thanks for linking me, have no time to check the list ou just now, but early next week

jastolfo said...

As always, thanks for sharing.

Bill said...

Hey John, thanks for the link! You never fail to come up with a handful of inspiring stuff to get me through the week and I'm honored to be on that list. Woohooo!

pinky said...

I'm with my bud robin on this one, I usually come here to find other awesome artists. But thanks a lot for posting me!
kelly (aka pinky)

andy said...

Awesome, another great list of links to get inspired by! Thanks for sharing John :)

jocko said...

Thanks kindly for the link and the fine company you put me in, John. Your site is a goldmine. My students are fans too.

The Man Named LaMancha said...

Thanks for the add man I really appreciate that you put me on to your page with these other great artist!

Take it easy,

Hans said...

Great Links, thanks for sharing:)


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