Saturday, August 05, 2006

Looky here ...

Rob Thompson
Alain Huynh
Grant Alexander
Cooked Art
Lissa BT
Kambodia Hotel
Beetle Beauty
Hand Drawn Nomad Zone
Ian Worrel
Jen Hager
Joseph Pitt
Jesus Chambrot

Truly inspirational! ...


tomsaville said...

So much great inspiration on those links! Thanks for the shareage!

crylic said...

Woot, i love when you do this!!!

Matt Williames said...

Hey man, thanks for the post! You have some many wonderful drawings on here!!

Dave Dind said...

You are my one-stop-shop for inspiration! I've been following your blog since shortly after you started it and seeing your work has helped me through MANY a bad drawing day. And all the links! Sheesh! I've been turned onto so much stuff from your blog it's crazy!

Thank you John! Don't stop!

Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...

hey there, thanks for the links, great stufff here.

thats great what you did for randall sly he has done a great job with the character design blog!! plus hes just a good guy...

i didnt see your book at comicon, :(


jesus chambrot said...

Hey John, thanks for putting me on your list. I visit your site all the time and when I saw my name it was a boost. Now go draw some more monsters,can't get enough of them!

Mark said...

Hey Johnny thanks for all these great links...nice to see some fresh and talented people :)

Joe said...

Thanks, I love me some good links.

sonoferek said...

Thanks for all your great drawings. Please keep posting. Good links too. It's great to see what's out there.

Cooked Art said...

Thanks much for the link John!

I'm gonna order your sketchbook off BudPlant - would you suggest a better way or is this the ideal?

Thanks again!

alain huynh said...

thanks alot for linking me john, your work is inspirational to me, your drawings are very loose and has a very nice flow to them, i've ordered the BITS and pieces sketchbook you have off of BUD PLANT, great stuff keep up the good work man,

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