Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Update: Comic-Con 2006

(pages from Bits & Pieces, Volume 2)

Just hours away, and Comic-Con 2006 begins!!! This is quite exciting! As I wait anxiously for my books to arrive from Kinko's, I can't help but reflect how the year has gone since the last Con. Quite honestly, last year I wasn't planning to go to the Con, but my buds Patrick Morgan and Jose Lopez encouraged me to go, so at the last minute, I pulled off two all-nighters and got the book made. Fairly low rent, but a book nonetheless. I really had no idea what was to come.

What happened was that I met such amazing artists from all over and was just blown away at the talent! The one thing which really made an impact to me was that there was a brotherhood of artists, pros and non-pros who came together and presented their work as their own!!! It was refreshing if not inspiring to see folks doing it for themselves. I realized that self-publishing was a means to get your work out, without the scrupolous review of a committee, or the approval by countless producers and wannabee "creative executives". What the Con meant to me was a rekindling of how great it was to be an artist again.

The Con has it usual fare of sensory overload! Waves and waves of people walking thru aisles, shopping, glancing, looking, and smiling. By Sunday afternoon, I was exhausted,... but man I was so excited inside!! What followed after that and to the months to come was the blog phenomenom. The blog has been my creative engine if not a latenight addiction to feed my creative hunger. Just tune in every night and open a link, to another link, to another and you are constantly presented with such kickass, amazing talent from all over the world!!!

Well, here it, Tuesday night, as I wait patiently for my books. I look forward to renewing the spirit and kinship I made with my brethren from a year ago. The future is indeed bright, and I can't wait!!

Other brothers who will be attending are:

Louie del Carmen and Octavio Rodriguez (booth H3)
Steve Silver (booth H6)
David Colman (booth H5)
Mike Mattesi from the Entertainment Art Academy (booth 1021)
Garrett Shikuma (booth 1032)
Katzenjammer Studios (booth G7)
One Sick Individual (aka Edwin Haya) (booth D6)
The Those Guys (booth 1132)
Animation Mentor Online School (booth 5520)

... and this great list from Clay Kaytis from Animation Podcast.

I'll only be attending Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

If you're interested in Volume 2, please stay posted. I'll have information after the Con as to where you can get a copy.

As far Volume 1, I still have some copies available at the Booth. You can also purchase it through Stuart Ng or Bud Plant.
And for those interested, I'm working on a hardcopy book for next year's Con where I'll be presenting my personal projects and some visual development pieces. I'll give updates as time goes by on the content and so forth.


Steven Rynders said...

Hi John, I attended your EAA seminar back in May, and I'm glad to hear you'll have a new book down at con. I'll be there on Saturday, hopefully you'll have some left!

St John Street said...

Good luck John not that you need it kick butt at the Con!!!

tony trujillo said...

Through the twists and turns of the blog world I have discovered this one. AMAZING drawings and work here!! I'll be at the Con this weekend and I hope to pick up one of your books!

FerdinandKreozot said...

Beautifull work.
I really enjoyed looking arround.



Mark said...

f**king awesome work man, I'm jealous and inspired!

Patrick Costa said...

Don't sell my copy of number 1!!!
Pages from number 2 look great John.

madmounty said...

realy inspiering! do you think you could give me some pointers?

Franchu said...

Waw John!!! I like very much your draws and stile. It's so great!!! The draw of the cat is the best

- Franchu -
cartoonist of Barcelona (Catalunya)

Clio said...

Man, NICE. I wish I was there to pick one up from you in person!

Al Johnson said...

Hey John. I saw you at the con. Love the work.

Osgood McSonogram said...

It was so swell to finally meet you last week John!!!! And THANKS again for that sweet wicked sketch--literally everyone I've shown it to has had their mouths drop to their ankles in jealousy and awe!!! If there was a way I could bolden your link on my blog, believe me it would be boldened.

Brian Growe said...

Yeah John, great meeting you at the con, you're awesome!

shellywan said...

Hi John! ^0^ Very nice meeting u at the Con!Good times... BIG BIG Thank you for all your kindness, and all the eyecandy u squeezed in the "Bits and pieces" for us! Can't wait to see more from u!


Danarchy said...

do you eat pencils and poop talent??

sarah said...

Hello John!

It was so nice to meet you at the con. You have such lovely artwork, I've really enjoyed looking through your sketchbook.


Dan Segarra said...

John, thanks for such a great sketch in the book! Comic Con was a blast, it was great to meet you.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Gerald said...

I really dig your tonal shading in every piece you lay down. The boards are magnificent.

CR said...

I am truly inspired by your work. I look forward to each of your blogs. Hope Con was fun

Garrett Shikuma said...

Great to see you at the Con, John!
Thanks for the awesome monster sketch in our book. Amber and I love it! Take care, man!

Bobby Chiu said...

It was an awesome con this year and I'll definitely be back in 2007! It was an absolute pleasure to meet you my friend. Definitely keep in touch! I forgot to get your email... can you email me when you get the chance? Thanks John! and thanks for the books as well. Always inspiring!!


Bixby Snipes said...

Awesome meeting you at Con John! Thanks for stopping by the Hard 8 booth!

Kei Acedera said...

Hey John, It was so awesome meeting you! you're such a gracious and humble guy, and such a talent, its admirable. thanks for the books, I can't get enough of it--so thanks again! see you next year and keep in touch!you're always welcome in Toronto!

Marcosgp said...

Hola John, you're the man!

Vida es un regalo!

Marcos Gp

Jav said...

An absolute honor meeting you!
I keep telling everyone that, hands down, you were the nicest guy at the Con...
I'm completely on board with your commments about the Con and these blogs... They are single handedly responsible for all that I find inspiring. What motivation!
Thanks again for swapping books!
You rock!

Marmax said...

Yeah great seeing you again, John!

Matt J said...

Hey John, sounds like you had a successful Con. Stef tells me you gave him a book to pass onto me. You win the prize for most elaborate postal method - sending a Frenchman to personally deliver your books to Europe! Thanks again & really look forward to seeing the book.

joto said...

I recently saw your book and think it is quite the little gem! You play with some interesting shapes in your characters that really make them appealing. I love the B/W panels as well, such great lighting. Truly BEA-U-TI-FUL! hope to see more.

Kevin Barber said...

Was apleasure meeting you at the con. Love the sketchbook. Your a class act .

Goro said...

awesome work!

Angelo said...

You are totaly right John...well what can I say that other people didn't told you jet ?!?! Look at new artist and their new /refreshing style is what keeps me exited for the work I am doing and learn how far I can push mine. Thank you for your sweet , beautiful and refreshing style and art work.