Monday, July 17, 2006

The Gracious and Oh So Talented Randall Sly

One of the great things lately regarding the blog phenomenom is the opportunity to discover amazing artwork and talent from ALL over the world. One person who I think has made a great accomplishment in providing a valuable if not inspirational resource is Randall Sly. He created CharacterDesignBlogspot. and it's wonderful. A definite bookmark for those who want an inside view as to the some of the great character designers and illustrators working today.

I'm also pleased to share that Randall has an amazing blog featuring his work here. Randall, you've been holding out on us. Your work is simply beautiful!!!!!!!


cdeboda said...

Another great link, John. Thanks for passing it along.

martin wittig said...

Wow! brilliant work! Thanks for the link John!!:)

Randall Sly said...

WOW...Thank you... I love doing the Character Design Blog because of the talented artists like you. The artists and their willingness to take the time to be interviewed are the reasons for its success. I appreciate everyone who has helped out. Once again thank you for the kind words John.

Matt J said...

Randall, I've only just realised from John's post here that you entered the Eurovision Art Challenge we run over here a while back. Doh! Too many names & artists with these blogs, lost track of everybody. Would be cool if you entered again -

Britton said...

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