Thursday, July 06, 2006

Beautiful !!

Jon Diesta
Stott Art
The Laughing Chimp
Maple Lam
Jackson Sze
Shelly Wan
Andrew & David
Barry Atkinson
Jeff Batista
Derek Toons
Kelly Conley
Toni Reyna
Chad Woods
Jason Lethcoe
Sketch MT
Jim Gribouille


CF said...

pretty cool stuff

le lezard fou said...

hello i'm very happy to see my blog in your list thank you john nevarez and i invit everybody to visit my blog sorry for my english i'm french

toni reyna said...

Thanks John for add my blog.The work you are making with your blog is great,your art and the artist you show here are always very inspirational.

Chris Sims said...

You should definitely keep posting these inpirations. Sometimes when I come to a block, links like these are just what I need to get back to the drawing board.

Jon Diesta said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jon Diesta said...

Thanks for posting me on your blog. I never would've realized that the online community of artists here were so supportive. I definately feel that this is a very solid step in rising as an artist. Thanks.

Maple Lam said...

Thank you for putting my blog on your list. Your work and the links you post here inspires me a lot, and they difinitely help me grow as an artist! :-)

The Laughing Chimp said...

Thanks John for adding my blog to your list, it's an honor. My friend and I met you at the San Francisco Wondercon and since then we've been following your blog, in search for inspiration. Your artwork is very inspirational and you are a wonderful person. Your Bits and Pieces sketchbook and Patrick Morgan's Sketchbook are among my most precious possesions. It was a pleasure meeting you in San Francisco and I'm looking forward to meeting you again, hopefully at the San Diego ComicCon.
My wife bought Patrick morgan's Whaleboy shirt and she can't wait to buy the Whaleboy toy.

alien said...

Thanks for posting me. big fan of your work!
Barry Atkinson

kherveen said...

thank John !!!! You are a cool guy!!!

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