Monday, June 26, 2006

Inspiration - The One and Only Paul Felix

What can I say about Paul, except that he is by far one of most amazing, talented, inspirational designers I know in the industry, bar none!!!!!!! He's currently the Art Director for Disney's upcoming "American Dog" and has provided visual development for "Tarzan", "Mulan", and was the Production Designer for "Lilo and Stitch".

He is a master at light and composition. Just look how he handles tone and light as it seeps in and throughout the frame. His drawings are just downright amazing and his paintings are just jaw-dropping beautiful!!!! And to top if off, Paul is one of the nicest, most humblest guys you ever want to know. I'm trying hard to convince him to start a blog, but for now we'll just have to settle for his work in the "Art of.." books. Every time I see his work I''m just blown away. He's been a BIG inspiration for me in how to tell a story through location and lighting.

Paul sets the bar high when it comes to overall design and production design. Damn you Paul,... damn you!!!!!! (and of course, I say that with lots of love!!).


Mark McDonnell said...


Maksim Nikonets said...

This post - treasure! Many thanks John! Many thanks, that we can see it. I much study in looking on such strong figures. And looking over your works I study too.

Juanma said...

beautiful post..
inspirational too

cdeboda said...

Yep, big fan of Mr. Felix. Best of luck in trying to convince him to start up a blog.

madmounty said...

truely inspiering! what would be a peace of advice on rendering?

UM said...

This is all very nice, John, but I won't stop hassling you until Matt and me receive your sketch book which we've paid for six months ago! I've been e-mailing you but never had a response. So I'm just going to continue to embarrass you on your blog. What's the hold up? You tell me!

Hans said...

I'm a big fan of Paul Felix! Let him know that we're many who's awaiting his blog:D


Mespind said...

esse post serve de inspiração para todos que visitam seu blog...sem palavras a mais para descrever..


Dave said...

Thanks very much for featuring these artists on your blog. It really helps expose people to great artists other people may not of heard of. I really appreciate it!

R.Dress said...

Hey John,
Thanks for Posting this stuff. Ever since I laid eyes on his work, I said this guy just gets it. He draws like Dean Cornwell.

the clownninja said...

beautiful work, thanks john.

enzo avolio said...

Simply awsome!

Alina Chau said...


REE said...

if the man had a blog...i'd be there everyday...lurkin. :)
it's too bad they closed the Disney library. what a resource!

well...i guess the occasional visits to the halls of Feature'll have to do.

thanks for the insp!

Cale Atkinson said...

Thanks for sharing the inspiration fix John! Paul Felix's work is almost too much goodness for my eyes! Yet I can't look away from it...

Jav said...


pbcbstudios said...

i think i recognize that first painting?

colin stimpson said...

Every piece Paul produces is stunning. He's a genius.

Armand Serrano said...

I tell you, Paul is one of a kind. There's only a handful of people in the indutry that I truly admire and he's one on the top of my list. I learned so much while working with him on Lilo. Thanks John for posting.

PEPE said...

he is one of my heroes too!!!

mackaydesign said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mackaydesign said...

thanks for the inspiring post!

animationGiant said...

Wow! This is the first time I've ever seen Paul's stuff on the internet! No lie! Thanks John for posting his artwork!

Noel Taylor said...

Thank you thank you thank you for posting this stuff, i'm a past student of his and he literally changed my life i gave up drawing and was all about Guitarplaying and i saw his portfolio and now i draw everyday for hours (seven years later), he has to post his stuff his digital stuff is awesome as well. The guy is soooo humble as well, really gentle, there is this piece he did of a spaceship which i have to see again because this was the piece that i remember most, get him to blog man. So happy you are able to post his cat picture there is another one with a big marble colomn that i want to see again also his Emperors New Groove digital stuff is breathtaking, i could go on and on.

sexy said...




Michael said...

Absolutely fantastic - but what's the bottom image from?

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