Sunday, June 18, 2006

Inspiration - Colin Stimpson

I'm so happy that my friend and former colleague Colin Stimpson has a website.

He was the Art Director on "The Emperor's New Groove" and provided amazing visual development and background design for Hercules and Hunchback. He just finished illustrating a children's book titled “Poison Diaries” for the Duchess of Northumberland due out soon on Pavilion books. What can I say, Colin is just awesome and a true inspiration. As you can see, he's a master at Photoshop and his styling is truly beautiful. Definitely bookmark Colin Stimpson for truly inspirational work!!!


Mark McDonnell said...

WOW. This guy is quite a talent John. Nice to see he is promoting himself . . because wow. Thanks for alerting us.


Hans said...

Yup Colin Stimpson is awesome! I'm a big fan of his work.

Marmax said...

My eyes popped out for a second! Amazing work! I want that book when it comes out.

the doodlers said...

Your friend's work really sings. I especially like his use of those rich black and whites, and the elegant curvy shapes he handles so well. Thanks for posting the link.

Stewart said...

For my part every person ought to go through it.

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