Tuesday, February 14, 2006

WonderCon report

Hi folks. Just came back from a packfilled weekend from WonderCon in San Francisco. first off, what a beautiful city!!!! I must come and enjoy the sights more!! Met some great people, ate some great sushi, and had just an great time. First off, I must give thanks and praise to my booth buddies and art compadres, Patrick Morgan (www.patrickmorganart.blogspot.com) and Jose Lopez (www.desoluz.blogspot.com) and Ed Acosta. Patrick was selling his sketchbook and original art as well as giving a preview of Whaleboy, an absolutely funny character and concept co-created by Patrick and Ed Acosta. Ed, you were awesome. I'm so glad I finally met you!! Whaleboy should be available by ComicCon '06 in San Diego, so keep you're eyes open. Jose sold prints of his art and gave a preview of his sketchbook, "Mariachi Samurai". This book is going to explode!! Full of Jose's amazing creations and sketches. It will be available sometime after April, in time for ComicCon so make sure to put this and Whaleboy on your shopping list!

Also, I want to thank Louie del Carmen (www.randomanomalies.blogspot.com) and Octavio Rodriguez (www.thecano.blogspot.com) for being just awesome booth neighbors and great friends. You MUST buy Louie's sketchbook, also titled "Random Anomalies" and Octavio's sketchbook "Scribbles". They're just simple beautiful and inspirational!

Also want to thank our immediate neighbors Shelley and John Loter. They're the nicest folks ever and were so encouraging and supportive. You must check out their site, www.loter.com and see their apparel line and prints. Great, great stuff!!

Also want to thank the absolutely talented Alberto Ruiz. This guy is the real thing. Awesome, deadly with a pencil, a master at the S-curves, and just one of the most absolutely nicest and modest guys you ever want to meet. Thanks Alberto for being so encouraging and supportive and for sharing your love with use newbies. Check out his site at www.brandstudio.com and his blog at http://processjunkie.blogspot.com/. Can't wait to see you again in San Diego mi amigo!

Also, I met some absolutely talented artists. You have to see their work, just friggin' amazing:

Alina Urosov - http://ayanimeya.deviantart.com/gallery/ (she's a monster with a pencil, beautifully scary!!)

Sean "Cheeks" Galloway - http://cheeks-74.deviantart.com/gallery/ (the man is deadly with the digital works, not to mentions just one killer artist!!)

Jason Felix - http://www.jasonfelixstudio.com/index.php (Beautiful concept/creature work, also check out his digital mastery and Art of book at www.jasonfelix.com)

I also have more artists to post, so please stay tuned. Ciao!!!


First Blogger said...


good blog...

Have a nice day

from First Blogger


Patrick said...

thanks for all the great links...always cool to see the amazing artwork out there! Glad you had a good time at the WonderCon... UP WITH THE CREATIVITY!!!

St John Street said...

Hey John I hope you had a great time and a rich exprience sharing your art with the world take care!!!

martin wittig said...

Hey John thanks for the links. These guys definitely have some chops!

marcosGp said...

Que buen royo hay en tu blog, sigue asi de simpatico y talentoso .

Un saludo desde EspaƱa

( What a good groove in here! keep on so kind and talent, Best wishes from Spain)

BLECHA! said...

Hey John- Nice props to Jason Felix. He's an awesome monster maker. He's a good friend of mine and told me to check your blog out. He did the Midwest Monster book together...

Clarke (Csnyde) said...

Less words and more pictures I dare say!

David Colman said...

what up man, great getting to hang w/you in SF man...
I gave you props on my blog....(have a problem putting up the links so one can click on them...though)

anyway, I will call you for lunch ....soon

Boris Hiestand said...

dangit john with all your links who has time to do anything else!

pinky said...

hehehe, noticed you noticed my friend Alina, yeah she is brilliant... you should check her out at Zoinks.blogspot.com
Also, my friend Brando is amazing too you should check him out brandoblog.blogspot.com

also, I really dig your art!

Process Junkie said...

Hey John, it really was a pleasure meeting you and Jose at the Wondercon show, we're getting together for San Diego for sure.

animationGiant said...

Hey John,

The links that you post are incredible, thank you! I can't begin to tell how much I have learned from all you guys! Alina Urosov's art is beautiful!( I wonder if she's single?) Your Wondercon experience sounds like a lot of fun. I look forward to Jose's book!!

Keep up the good work!!


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