Monday, November 28, 2005

Quick Layout studies


Smook said...

Your studies are always an inspiration, John! Beautiful lighting and tonal values. Gold as ever.

All of your recent posts have been fantastic too!

Patrick Morgan said...

Beautiful as ever, my friend!

Ramon said...

Awesome! How many hours a day do you draw?

amelia said...

John- Just wondering...are you planning on having a booth at Wondercon in San Francisco this year? I'd definetly buy a book(or anything)of your art!


St John Street said...

Your studies blow me away their just so beautiful such gtreat atmosphere, once again I'd love to hear your feed back if you have the time, please and thank you

Mark McDonnell said...

Nice studies, great sepration of tones mixed in with the rythems. Ah . . . miss you man.


kcirbuk said...

Beautiful great art!!

John Nevarez said...

Smook, thanks so much my bruther! Good to hear from you!

Patrick, my buddy, Thank you!!

Ramon, Thanks so much! Hard to say how many hours I draw. I draw for a living so there's about 8 there, and at night I draw for me, which can vary from a couple of hours to 4-6 hours. I love drawing, and can never get enough!

Amelia, yes, I will be attending the WonderCon this year as an exhibitor. I'll be there with my buddies Jose Lopez and Patrick Morgan. I'm hoping to sell my sketchbooks in addition to some original artwork (I need to get crackin' on those drawings!!) I'll definitely keep an eye out for you!

St. John, Thanks so much for those kind words. I'll respond to you via email.

Mark, my bruther, how are you? Thanks so much! I miss you too. You've been posting some amazing stuff lately, but then again, you're always posting great stuff! Hope to hear from you soon!

thekcirbuk, thanks so much!!!!

Claude Bordeleau said...

Wow! I want to see more of these sketches!

Your fan as usual

JamesT said...

John, great stuff you are a daily inspiration for me to quit making excuses and just draw.

I was wondering, if it's not giving away any 'trade' secret, or too much too ask, when you do your layout studies, I notice there is always a faint "grid' underneath. Is that done freehand, or with some sort of template? and is that basically done, for lack of a better word as a spine/line of action?

I intend to get you sketchbook shortly, and was wondering if you have ever thought of doing something similar along the lines of some 'insider' tips and tricks? As in the aforementioned grid, and other tidbits that help you draw the way you do?

Thanks, you truly are a great inspiration, and your blog is an awesome way to start my day.

Miah Alcorn said...

These are so inspiring John, just great! Looking at your layouts is a blunt reminder of how much I need to improve. Truly inspiring stuff sir. More please!- Miah

Charley Parker said...

Very nice. I always enjoy your use of tone and the range of value in your sketches like these. Can I ask what you're drawing with here? Looks like it might be litho crayon.

I'd also love to know what you were using for your tone work on the LotR sketches you posted last month. Thanks.

Jav said...

Quick huh?....
darn you good boy!! Love this stuff. Thanks for the inspiration!

David Colman said...

very strong...u r a god among us boys...

David Colman said...

guess I'll be seeing you @ Wondercon John....

Alina Chau said...

Wooooo .... these layout studies are awesome!! :)

Serapio Calm said...

Your so awesome John! I've been checking your stuff every week. Sorry I'm responding late. I finally have time to put more stuff on my blog. When will you get a regular email?

St John Street said...

Hi John I just wanted to let you that I was going to add you to my links if that okay

Matt J said...

Cool studies - any news on the sketchbooks we ordered by the way John? Did you receive the requisite dollars?

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