Sunday, November 27, 2005

Post Turkey warmup...

Hello everybody! Hope everybody had a great and safe Thanksgiving weekend. I know I did! Spent some time with family and ate like crazy! Added about 5 pounds, but it was oh so nice! Here are some doodles to warm the hand before I start another week. Next stop, Christmas!


Dik Pose said...

Dope! I like the kid in the bottom left hand corner the best!!

Jafar said...


Your blog is amazing...with creative and beautiful artwork splashed all over!! Very inspiring indeed!


Kristian Antonelli said...

oh my goly gosh!
I am amazed at your owrk..i have been looking over it for about twenty minutes no breaks..i love your style. Th characters you design are so attractive, it holds the gaze for so long. Which is why they work so well for animation. I'm just starting on the rocky road to animation. Thanks to sites like yours i'll always have plenty of inspiration to keep me satisfied

Shawn Escott said...

Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I was waiting for the giant turkey bird monster drawing from you. :) Do you think we might see it?

Mark McDonnell said...
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Steve said...

really great stuff John, I'm amazed at how much style you put into a few strokes, I love the colored concept =]

Mark McDonnell said...
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Mark McDonnell said...

Nice Photoshop drop John. . . . you're skills are improving AGAIN. Very nice and great character.

Just started another blog in the same vein as Marcelo's @ You should come join us at lunch some time. Myself, Patrick, Chad, David, Kelsey, and others usually go somewhere on Monday's. Would love to see you my friend. I hope all is well and life is better than good!


St John Street said...

these r awsome stuff your sketches r just beautiful,i love 2 get your feed back please and thank u.

Jeff Zikry said...

Wow!!!...nice shapes and lots of life. Very rare! Nice work.

Strugtist08 said...

Your drawings are amazing! I was wondering if you could maybe post some drawings that roughly show your process.

Krista Heij said...

Great character designs! Love the attitude on the girl with her arms crossed! I enjoy the variety of design work you show on your blog, very inspirational to say the least. Its the best eye-candy ever!!! Yum!

Miah Alcorn said...

Oddly enough, I feel just like the kid in the middle! Nice sketches as usual. Keep the greatness comin'. :)

Kevin Barber said...


Dave Pryor said...

Great Kid stuff here. Love the innocence of a great kid drawing!

The post below is great too. Was it drawn in computer or in marker? Nice color approach.

Take care,

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