Tuesday, October 25, 2005

LOTR quick sketches

Exploring studies on possible character designs. I hope to push the styling more. We'll see.


Alina Chau said...

Fun to see LOR characters in your style!! The best is you capture their attitude and feature so well, one can tell who's who in the drawings!! :) Sooo COOL!

Kactiguy said...


ChewBloggers said...

john...basically this comment goes back to the recent comp. studies up to this one...i'm too lazy to write on each one but i just love this development...thought process is so cool to see and i think that's what most of us are gettin from blogging...so thanks so much for sharing your thoughts...it has to be refreshing to know your guts are gunna be right 99.9% of the time...keep em coming...great work...


Lára said...

Nice as always. Take care.

Steve said...

really wonderful work as always John...

Elliot said...

John - if you go visit here http://www.zepe.de/tjillu/hobbit/index.html
you'll find a very unique vision of The Hobbit by a Finnish artist called Tove Jansson.
She died a few years ago and I try and push her work as often as I can as she's not that well known outside of Europe.

Gulzar said...

Wonderful! Can you please tell us…are these rapid sketches from the movie; while it was being played? Or did you stop n paused; n then sketched or you just went on doing rapid sketches…
It’d be nice if you even open a page where you can guide us or give little tips for us…
Thank you so much for sharing…your world!

Anthony Price said...

Hey John! It's been a long time. Real cool drawing man! I read somewhere on your blog that you have an art book that your selling.
Where can I purchase one?

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