Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Amazing David Colman

Meet the amazing David Colman. He is one of the very best artists around. He's a master at drawing animals, as well as everything else. Check out his blog at He's got a great sketchbook titled "David Colman's Doodles" which can be purchased through in the Sketchbook section. Definitely worth the buy!! Great job David and keep them beauties coming!


Anonymous said...

It's like you knew what I was looking for... I found your blog and felt right at home. (added a bookmark - hope that's okay...)

I have a blog you may like so come check me out. I'm working on a site aboutdog houses, mostly about dog houses and things.

Thanks for your awesome work here. I'll be back!

Bobby Chiu said...

those are some beautiful drawings

alberto mielgo said...

beautifull blog.
I really like your centaurus and the monkey.
Your drawing style is very very strong.
I like it.

alberto mielgo said...

sorry man.
I just realice abut it: david colman.
Sometimes you just see stuff and you don't read it.
But I love your blog indeed, your boards , your crazy monsters. your life drawings are also great and strong.

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