Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Awesome Kelsey Mann

Here's another buddy of mine (Man I got alot of talented buds!), the awesomely talented Kelsey Mann. He's currently writing and directing shorts at Cartoon Network. His blog is


Anonymous said...

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Kactiguy said...

Great links John. Thanks for sharing.

David Colman said...

thanx John for putting me up here...and here I thought you forgot about me...Well we might be neighbors soon.

Thank you for continuing to inspire me

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Kmann said...

Dammit John, not only are you incredibly talented as an artist, but you're just as thoughtful and generous! Don't you know that someone of your caliber should have a massive ego and thumb your nose at everyone else?!

Thanks for the support my friend. You're a good man, Charlie Brown...

airikshin1ng said...

Yes John, thanks for the inspiring links. Thumbs up!

Dan Thompson said...

beautiful drawings! I look forward to revisiting your site.

Jav said...

jeez wow!
John thanks a ton for checking out my stuff and the kind words!
Coming from a guy as supremely talented as you it means a ton!
It truley is inspiring getting some feedback from you....
Ive been checkin out your blog all the time and Ive gotta say your stuff is truly amazing! So good it makes me cry sometimes.... why do i bother :)
a lot of goodness here!
SOme of your friends here i check out often as well, but some are new and i look forward to bookmarking them!
Thanks again and Ive gotta say your stuff kicks ass and is very inspiring!
BTW, didnt know if ya know this, but if ya turn on your word verification thingy in your dashboard then you can avoid all those annoying SPAM comments...
Rock on dude! Look forward to checkin out your stuff!

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