Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Staging Exercise

Here are some quick thumbs exploring staging possibilities, suggesting composition, action, framing, etc.


Smook said...

Hey John,

Your roughs look so beautiful, I'd love to see what your finished boards look like! They have so much life and personality to them! I am in awe.......

a fan am I......

John Nevarez said...


Thanks so much! Actually, my finished boards are too different then what you see (maybe a bit tighter). With schedules as they are, it's tough to submit nice, tight boards. I kind of like loose boards in general cuz they show more energy.

Smook said...

By the way, just wanted to thank you for the comment you left for me on some of my designs....much appreciated that you took the time.

I'd love to correspond with you about boarding and process one day......

John Nevarez said...

Sure, anytime!

Matt J said...

Fantastic roughs, great to see you exploring as many different approaches as possible. That's the fun bit right?

/\/\ikeB said...

Wow nice stuff. Every panel has so much appeal, I have a hard time figuring out which one looks the best.

I need to take lessons from you.

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