Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Lost Boy



Paul Gutierrez said...

Beutiful stuff yet again. I'am so glad that I was able to pick up your sketchbook at the San Diego con. Really inspirational work and I constantly like to flip thru it when I have a block. Look foward to seeing more!! -Paul

donnachada said...

Hey John, thanks so much for the comments on my blog. Your drawings are so powerful. I can clearly see this boards in final animation. The attitudes are 100% what they should be. I really am stunned by the quality of your drawings. Composition, staging, appeal, they're all in there. Beautiful.

Newsquirt said...

John, I have a question as to what kind of pencil's you use for the smooth flowing thick lines you have down. Looks like Ebony or some kinda charcoal. Also I was wondering how one goes about getting your sketchbook.

thanks kindly

paige said...

WHolly cow! I am in complete and utter AWE. Your work is gorgeous and stunning. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog...because of it, I now know about yours. I look forward to visiting daily!

John Nevarez said...

Thank you so much!!! I'm trying to do a post a day so I can stay motivated with my personal projects. Hope it continues.

Thank you so much for your flattering comments!

newsquirt (Jason)-
I mostly use an Ebony Soft Lead Pencil or Prismacolor Black. At times I use a China Marker Pencil or whatever's around. My sketchbooks may be purchase through or through House of Secrets Comics in Burbank. Hope you like.

Thank you for your nice words! Coming from such an awesome artist as yourself, I'm just overjoyed!

Stef said...

God, I'm going to purchase one of your sketchbooks as soon as possible John! so inspiring!!! Can I ask you where are you working John? I don't want to be indiscreet.

UM said...

Hey John, I didn't know you had a sketchbook published. Where can I get one. Just love your fresh stuff!

Stef said...

Congrats for being on Cartoonbrew John! that's great!

Sandra Khoo said...

WWAAA! I'm sooo envious! Your blog is nothing short from spectecular! Absolutely amazing works you have here! Do you have any books published on your works? I'm so in love with all your gorgeous works...*.* Please keep those babies coming!

REE said...

man, I haven't seen you in years since the Academy. You weren't teaching, but you did some memorable demonstrations that have helped me professionally to this day. Yo...your blog made me wanna get one so check me out when you get a chance. ~ REE

LuisNCT said...

Great sketches and designs. Big Art!

Anonymous said...

I Love all this great drawings and the power of your lines, woooooow this is be secure about what you are doing!!!

Can I ask you wich kind of pencil you use normally?

-jorge fuentes

Uloo said...

So pleased to see you have a weblog, John. Your work is so inspired and inspiring. I'll be visiting often!

Clio said...

Absolutely awe-inspiring work!! Your sketches are amazing!

Alina Chau said...

Great drawings!! I like your composition and the storytelling quality in the sketches!! My friend introduces me to your blog, it inspires me to publish a blog myself!! It's really cool see an animation artist's personal works!!

Garrett Shikuma said...

Wow! You work is absolutely amazing! So much life and appeal in your drawings! I'm gonna be checking out your blog as much as I can...


The Virtual Gamer said...

That little guy is So Cute! I just want to take him in from the forest and snuggle hum.

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