Wednesday, August 31, 2005



Stef said...

John, your sketches blow me away each time! so good!!! so so inspiring that is!

Drazen said...

Lots o great stuff!
love those cowboys

gur-B said...

Fantastic ! All of it !

UM said...

Hey John, I love your energetic drawings. Beautiful work, great blog.

J said...

Cool cool cool
Did you work on B bear???
Keep em coming!

Newsquirt said...

I am in AWE! amazing. I still have boards from this scene from when we worked on the PC game. So inspirational man!

Claude Bordeleau said...

Wow! I love the point of view! All your sketches are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Did someone ever told u , you re a genious

Great stuff

I would like a post to share your inspiration since the begining of your career as an an ARTIST

Bye from Spain

Patrick Bandau said...

I have seen this drawing years ago for the first time but they are still amazing. They dont loose their enery.They are wonderful! Thanks for sharing your art!

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