Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Glimpse of Xochitl ...

This is a sketch from one of my personal projects titled "Xochitl" (pronounced So-Chee).


Little Rock said...

Oh wow! Looks scary.
I love your work!!

Dave James said...


How can we learn more about this personal project?


John Nevarez said...

Hi storms...,
Thanks so much for the nice reply. Yeah, me loves the scary. Hope you like the work that's to come.

The most I can say about the story is that it's about a little girl living in East L.A. (my hometown) who, shall we say has a 'vivid imagination'. I'm still trying to work a story through it all, not to mention her character. I'll definitely keep you posted as soon as I know what direction to take.


Denis said...

I hope this project of yours will come to life because this is simply fantastic. Great atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

Come on...I just had to protest. the name "Xochitl" is not pronounced "so-chee", at least not if you have some capability of pronouncing spanish words. Having to live with the name, I guess I tolerate it when people call me "so-chee", but please don't give the impression that it's the correct way ;-)

John Nevarez said...

Anon, Sorry my bad, but since you brought it up, how do you pronounce it?

Kitygata said...

My name is Xochitl and I pronounce it "so-cheel". There are various ways, but this is the most popular.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! You don't even know the correct way to pronounce your name. Your name is NAHUATL. The L should be silent, only pronounce the T. The X has a "sh" sound, like "shee". Go to this website and they'll set you straight:

Anonymous said...

The cote that you gave for Nahuatl is just a generalization The T being silent is not always the case. I'm a Mexica dancer & know a large amount of Nahuatl words & the T is not always pronounced & the L is not always silent. I've known many Xochitl's & they've all pronounced it so-cheel, not so-chi, or so-cheet.

Anonymous said...

My bad that should say cite, not cote.

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