Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My wannabe "Star Wars" Designs...


Anonymous said...

Wow. I luv all of these sketches. What's really great is their all drawn pretty much with simplistic shapes. Is that what you make a concious effort of doing? Luv all your work and truely inspirational.

John Nevarez said...

Hi Paul,

Yeah, that was the intent. When I was working on Kim Possible, one thing I learned was that simple shapes with a clean streamlined design work well for animation. I pretty much simplified all shapes and worked in as much asymetry as possible. These characters were a great exercise to see how far I could push the design. Looking at them now, I'm pretty sure they could be pushed even more. Glad you like!


Nick Sung said...

Hey John, really great stuff.
I'd love to see it in colour! By pushing things you're definitely crafting a universe that feels unique. Awesome stuff.

Anonymous said...

Wow! you have some really cool ideas. Did you see Gennedy Tartavosky's Clone Wars series ? that's what these remind me of.

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