Sunday, December 29, 2013


C.Deboda said...

Awesome! Great to see you posting again, John. Inspiring interview on schoolism too. :)

John Nevarez said...

Hey Chris, thank you much brother:)

Ahmad S said...
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Sharmayne said...

i like the sketch of an owl... you are so good in drawing..
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Pasadena Self Storage said...

This is cool.. i love it.. i want to print then color it.

Siding Sacramento said...

I love the owl's eye.

Great data for Seattle Bankruptcy Attorney website said...

I think that owl is mad.. according to his eyes.

Flooring Sacramento said...

This is so beautiful i've ever seen in my life.

Amarieh Sagun said...

how can you do those artworks? i like it may i see the others works of yours

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Get Best Info for Painting Seattle said...

His nickname will be coolowl. LOL

Furniture for Restaurants specials said...

What a cute little owl ..

Click here for Seattle Fishing site said...

This owl looks mad. but still cute

Click here for Gary Volk Design Review said...

Oh this is so cute. i like the way you draw this little owl!.

Have you viewed House Cleaning Sacramento Website said...

I admire the artist behind this. Cool Owl!

Must see Accident Attorney Auto said...

This is so amazing. i hope i will find your other works! pretty good!

Must see Floors to your Home Discount Laminate Flooring said...

cute little owl , keep it up

Must see Penguin Recovery Service Company said...

This is very interesting. I've learn so much from this. Thanks

Veritable San Antonio Drunk Driving Accident Attorney said...

Lots of idea from this article! thanks for sharing i hope many people will read like this!

Why not see Repair iPhone Bellevue said...

you are so good in drawing , thanks :)

Heard about House Cleaning Sacramento Service said...

The owl is so cute they have a big eyes.This is so cool you are good in drawing i hope you draw many cute animals good job :) Thank you for sharing your idea.

I found the best Investment Fraud Lawyer said...

Cuttie owl , am inspired for this . thanks for sharing your artwork . Gods is Good at all time .

I found the best Garage Doors Fair Oaks CA said...

the owl is angry Hahahaha very funny , well keep what you doing .

I found the best Bay City TX Mesothelioma Lawyer said...

Thanks for sharing this idea.. it helps me a lot

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