Monday, October 07, 2013

Sam Michlap - Environment Sketching for Production

My buddies Sam Michlap and Armand Serrano will be coteaching a class for CGMA Academy online. Registration is open now and the classes start October 19 and run through to December 15. For more information, go to CGMA Academy.


als ya said...

Nice work. By the way, when Sir are you going to teach?

Stephen Anderson said...

Awesome links! I love Sam's work. I'll be studying his stuff in the near future. Thanks for recommending him.

Mark Anthony said...
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Mark said...

awesome stuff

hadrien said...


bryan ureta said...

this guy is awesome great q&a he gave us a great insight into what he can teach us.!

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FYI Sam is currently a Production Designer at DreamWorks Animation. I just want to share it :)

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this guy is awesome, he gave us a great insight into what he can teach us.!

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good work .
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great stuff :)
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I'm waiting for your next update :) i hope you you will make more blogs like this.

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very artistically made. well done!

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I really find these sketches so good and very detailed! Awesome!

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Wow that was so fantastic sketching! keep it up!

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Nice art! very expressive.

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Your so good in Sketching!!

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I'm waiting for your next update :) i hope you you will make more blogs like this. Thank you so much

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Very good hand to make a good art like this!

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I hope i can draw or paint like this. such a beautiful work!

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