Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Old Quickie thumbs

These are very quick thumbs from older shows. It's always fun to explore, finding shapes and some possibly cool compositions!


Kendra Melton said...

Wow these are just fantastic! Beautiful values and personality, even in the environments

Bill Robinson said...

Lobe these, John! Great stuff. Hope I'll see you at CTN again this year.

Logan Pearsall said...

This is the kind of strength I want as an artist!

Larry MacDougall said...

These are fabulous little drawings - very inspiring !

Thanks John.

François Bélair said...

These are great ! I really like to see this kind of stuff, thanks for sharing.

Ramona said...

THESE ARE INSANE!!! I LOVE THEM! I thought you were the storyboard artist on tinkerbelle for a second! soo amazing!

Brant Moon said...

Fabulous thumbnails! I have long envied your pencil mastery.

Fernando Forero said...

Your line is always expressive and so organic...
Cordial greetings with admiration from Warsaw

chromasketch said...

wow, amazing!

dark kristal said...

I really like your thumbnails; they have so much energy.

Nikhita said...

These are absolutely wonderful compositions!! So delicate..!

suraj said...

thanks for sharing your best work to us!

suraj said...

this is really fantastic thumbnails.

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