Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Paul Felix Notes

If anyone is interested, I just posted up some notes that Paul Felix and Jim Schlenker created for a layout/composition class some years ago. Very thorough, simple, and quite awesome!


Wouter Tulp said...

THIS IS AWESOME!!!! Thanks for sharing, John!!

John Nevarez said...

Hi Wouter,
You're most welcome! Keep posting your beautiful work!

Wouter Tulp said...

I sure will!! Thanks!

Wouter Tulp said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Valery Zrazhevskiy said...

This is a very interesting. Thank you! :-)

François Bélair said...

This is very well organize simple ressource, thanks for sharing!!!

Luis María Benítez said...

Great! Thanks for sharing this!

abhishek singh said...

this is precious material, thanks a lot for putting these up.

Neyef said...

Thanks for your blog and all the links that you share! it's a trully source of inspiration!

Mauricio said...

Wow, really glad you posted this! So true!

Peter Chang said...

THIS really help me a lot, thanks! :)

amelia said...

I saw a packet like this floating around at calarts some time ago! It's an awesome reference. Thanks for posting!

Eugenio Enrique said...

Hi! thanks a lot for the notes-link you share, a complete teaching with drawings and text, very good!!

Greetings from Venezuela,


Cameron Thompson said...

Thanks for this cool little guide John! Hope all is well

Toni Reyna said...


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