Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dave Dunnet

Dave Dunnet is a veteran layout artist, having worked on many television shows such as Fosters for Imaginary Friends, Clone Wars, and House of Mouse among others as wellas numerous feature animated movies: Dave was the principal locatiob designer on Tarzan, He's amazing and one of the best draughtsman in the business!


Alfred Llupia said...

Always discovering amazing great talented artist from you,thanks for share this.Greetings.

Dattaraj Kamat said...

Wow! inspirational blog! Thanks for sharing. But its been a while since you have posted your work. I am a big fan of your work and Its a pleasure watching your sketches. I have been following you blog from my student days. I have started an art blog of mine couple of days back. Please have a look. Hope you'll like it. Greetings.

Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

Good to see you posting again John! Love the blog lists!

David said...

Thanks for introducing us to so many very talented artists!

King Marvin Mugabi said...

amazing texture on the last layout

Frank Forte said...

pretty sweet

LLOYD said...

whenever i visit your fave list extends an extra 50 miles..but it's worth it!!..thanks so much!!

UM said...

I worked with Dave in London back in 1989 and haven't seen him since. Do you know what he's up to these days? Thanks for posting the link!

ridd said...

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Dave on My Little Pony not long ago. He'd send us scans of huge, beautifully rendered backgrounds in pieces that I had to put together in Photoshop. I used to love the anticipation of seeing the complete BG while I was merging it. Every one was breathtaking. I still have all the roughs and I'm holding on to 'em! Great post!

milind said...

yeah supercool as always!

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